When Should I Replace My Shoes And How To Increase Their Life?

When Should I Replace My Shoes

We run around all day- be it office, home, or running errands. And despite wearing the most comfortable shoes, we end up having sore feet and aching back. Often we blame it on the fit and the daily grind. But in actuality, the reason can also be our worn-out shoes! I am often asked when I should replace my shoes, and this is a valid question!

It is valid and essential as it is often tough to see that the shoes are now old, while on the other hand, the implications of wearing old shoes are grave. The problems can vary from acute back pain to paining legs.

So, it is essential to learn when to replace old shoes. Here are a few pointers to guide you on doing the same.

However, while reading them, keep in mind that different material shoes last for different periods. For example, leather shoes when maintained well, last decades. On the other hand, the newest trend recycled shoes like those made of plastic water bottles can last you several years, and cotton sneakers are a couple of years' pet.

When Should I Replace My Old Shoes?

Most shoes need no replacement before a couple of years when used infrequently. But follow the below pointers to know your case.

#1: Compressed Midsoles

If you wear your shoes daily, you might need to replace them once in a year or a half.

But you might ask why?

Say you bought some really trendy travel shoes, but their midsoles compressed after wearing them regularly for some time. However, they bounce back, too- initially. After rigorous wearing, you must have noticed they don't bounce back the way they used to.

This is because midsoles degrade with time and do not offer the same support they used to.

A good sign to check this is that deep cracks start appearing in the shoe support.

#2: Worn Out Rubber Bottoms

Did you know an average outsole lasts between 300-500 miles? So, it all depends on how much you use the shoe.

If you use your shoe daily, 300-500 miles can be covered in less than 3-4 months. While if you walk 5 miles once a week, say Sundays or Saturdays, you can stretch the lifespan to a year or two.

But how to know that your rubber soles have worn out? Well, an easy way to do that is the tabletop test.

Place your favorite stylish shoes on the table, and if the shoe does not lay flat on the tabletop or is titled to a side when on the flat surface, you can safely say that the rubber sole has worn out.

#3: Shoes Are Smelling Badly

It is normal for your walking shoes or flats to stink after a long walk. But usually, that smell fades away after airing them out.

However, if your shoes still smell after a day or two, you know you need new ones.

recycled shoes

#4: Your Shoes Have Holes In Them

I tend to get a bit emotional when it comes to shoes, especially when they are my favorite black shoes. They are such versatile shoes and go with almost any attire. I just don't want to let them go!

But when I see holes in my shoes, even I know it is time to let them go. Yes, finally!

#5: Loose Threads Are Coming Out

Most shoes have stitching to hold them to the sole or towards the edges of the fabric. But as we wear shoes day in and out, these threads, especially in our work shoes like flats and sandals, tend to break and stick loose.

#6: They Hurt Your Feet

Let's say you bought a nice pair of office shoes, but after a year or two, your feet start hurting in them.

Well, your first reaction should be to have my shoes worn away, leaving my feet exposed to elements. Another reason your feet are still growing is that your foot is now too big for the shoe. And if there is a pinching feeling, you know you need a new pair.

#7: Your Shoes Have Stains On Them

Staining doesn't always mean that you need to throw them away, as most of them can be easily cleaned.

Here is a complete guide on cleaning different types of shoes, mostly with household stuff. Also, water-resistant shoes are a plus while cleaning them, as they are typically easier to dry.

But if there is a stubborn stain on your shoes that just doesn't go off, consider foregoing that pair. After all, shoes are meant for making you feel confident and not self-conscious that a nasty stain is catching everyone's eye.

I usually tend to prefer dark-colored shoes as stains are typically less visible on dark-colored shoes like dark blue shoes, whereas more visible on, say, light pink shoes.

pink shoes for work women

How To Increase The Life Of Your Shoes?

Be it your chic flats, mighty mules, or rusty trainers; every shoe can live a little longer if cared for properly. Let's see how!

#1: Polish Them Regularly

Polishing keeps your shoes looking chic and smart and protects them from the elements that lead to their degradation.

#2: Buy Two Pairs Of Shoes

While searching for women's shoes online or even offline, search for more than one. So that you can alternate amongst them.

Alternating helps the shoe's soles in 'bouncing back.' Say, if you walk in the morning, stand all day long at work, and then again, run errands or walk at night, then have at least one pair of walking shoes and one more standing shoes.

Wear them alternately to ensure a longer life for both of them.

#3: Memory-Foam Insoles

You can add a memory-foam insole to your shoe.

This ensures your feet' comfort and reduces the pressure on the outsole, giving them a longer life.

These insoles come at an extra cost. But the good news for you is that SolChic's shoes come with an inbuilt memory foam insole. Moreover, SolChic builds women's vegan and sustainable footwear. So, you can feel a little less guilty about buying one extra shoe and replacing them once they are worn out.

Our versatile, eco-friendly shoes tend to become your favorite go-to shoes that you can wear with any dress—no need to mull for hours on which footwear to choose for the occasion. What's more, we also have sustainable handbags that match precisely with your favorite vegan shoes!

In A Nutshell…

The answer to when I should replace my shoes is highly subjective to personal usage and the shoe material.

One should always be proactive regarding their shoe's health as it directly affects your foot and back health too! And once you have read these pointers, we hope you will be able to take care of your shoes and feet better.

So, till then,

Walk with style

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can I Walk In My Shoes?

You can walk around 500 miles in a shoe, depending on the material, usage, and care you provide.

Do Good Leather Shoes Outlast Faux Leather Shoes?

In most cases, yes! But wearing vegan shoes still is a more environment-friendly approach.

How Long Do Sustainable Shoes Last?

This depends on the shoe material but mostly, shoes made of recycled material like waste plastic bottles last you a couple of years easily!

Are SolChic Footwear And Handbags Available For Wholesale?

Yes, we are available for wholesale orders.

Are Chic Shoes Trendy?

Believe it to see! Check out our retail page!

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