Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Women's Work Shoes

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"You Can Say A Lot About A Person From Their Shoes" This famous dialogue from the classic 'Forrest Gump' is very practical advice indeed! And more than just where you have been and where you are going, shoes tell people about your personality. Shabby and dirty shoes work shoes are signs of carelessness. While neat shoes speak of an organized person, it goes on and on. Therefore, your choice of the right women's work shoes matters!

What's more, your shoes should be comfortable and practical too! And let's not forget, stylish and trendy, because after all, it's fashion!

Is this too much to ask for? To look as good as you feel? Well, apparently, no!

SolChic's flats, sandals, and mules are not only trendy and stylish but very breathable and easy to maintain. Moreover, we are a sustainable and vegan footwear brand. We manufacture our shoes from recycled materials like waste plastic water bottles. And we do not use any other animal-sourced material either. And an additional benefit of opting for Sol shoes is that they are dirt and water-resistant. Let's see how you can pair the various types of SolChic's women's work shoes:

#1: Flats

Ballet flats are hands down one of the best office shoes. They make for excellent walking and all-day standing shoes. So, they make for great workday partners for those who work in restaurants, nursing homes, etc. While choosing your favorite flats, opt for colors that are either neutral or those that go with your personality. Be it a safari tan pattern or maybe a beautiful seaside blue color!

#2: Mules

Another excellent business shoe option! They are comfortable and versatile as they go with any attire. Flaunt them with your favorite jeans, pants, or flared skirt in your office.

Solchic So Comfortable!
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