Flat 50% Off

Used Plastic
Made from Recycled Bottles
Vegan Leather
100% Vegan Leather (Animal-Free)
Water Proof
100% Water-Resistant
SolChic® for everywhere

SolChic® comfortable office
shoes for women that make you look as good as you feel.

Don't take our word for it


“Oh my! The flats fit like gloves! It’s so comfortable.”

Heather K



“I love the water-resistant feature of the shoe. It is so convenient when I garden my flowers in the morning.”

Lisa G

North Carolina


“I love the pair of leopard prints I ordered. I wear it to Sunday church all the time. It is so chic!”

Ruth C



“First of all, the shoes are darling. Even prettier than I anticipated. Secondly, so comfy!!!!! Finally, the packaging is amazing.”

Colleen S