Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!


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Ballerina flats are undoubtedly the most chic shoes ever. Their pretty looks and charm have wooed many a woman, including Gal Gadot, Massie Williams, and you too! These beautiful slip-on flats are incredibly versatile. They go with any attire, at any occasion, and in any season, until it is snowing. SolChic has designed its flat shoes keeping all this in mind and more. Our chic flats maximize comfort, look designer, and are as versatile as possible. What’s most important is that they care about your feet and the planet too!

SolChic’s shoes for women are both vegan and sustainable. Yes, these very stylish and trendy flats are eco-friendly too. We use recycled waste plastic water bottles and other sustainable materials to manufacture these cute flats. They are water-resistant and dirt-resistant, which further adds to their utility. Our pair of flats are perfect for every lady who feels comfortable in her skin and believes beauty doesn’t equal a high heel. Instead, beauty comes from within, from her confidence in herself.

Our trendy black flats and super hot blue flats can be a perfect choice for you. Do shop more of SolChic’s ballet flat collection!

How Versatile Are These Chic Shoes?

Ballet flats look terrific with anything that draws eyes to your feet. Think skirts, short dresses, shorts, cropped trousers, etc. Yes, they go with any attire!

What’s more, these chic shoes look just perfect for any occasion. Be it your child’s parent meeting, a visit to the supermarket, a Sunday brunch, a friend’s get-together, office, they go wherever you go. Also, no matter whether it is scorchingly hot or pleasantly cold, you can sport your ballet flats in at least three seasons. Our comfortable flats are made of woven polyester, which is breathable and wicks out moisture like magic, keeping your feet dry and happy even under the hot Sun!

Fun Fact: Your feet produce a lot of sweat, as much as the volume of a shot glass, in a day!

Solchic So Comfortable!
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