Step-by-Step Guide For Choosing The Best Walking Shoes For Women?

walking shoes for women

We run errands, commute to the office, rush to the coffee machine, cater to children and family, splurge in the mall, and make it to the church as well! We are busy! And there is no time to spare for sore feet. That's why you need to invest in the best walking shoes for women.

But how to find your ideal solemate? This article will make it easy for you to narrow down your search to the shoe that is your fit, is comfortable, and suits your style! This article will take you through the various steps to choose the perfect shoe!

We at SolChic firmly believe in women's comfy yet stylish shoes while being entirely sustainable. Our mission statement is SolChic, So Comfortable! We think shoes with a high utility quotient and good looks can win any feat!

We are proud of our range of flats, like our very sassy Safari Tan flats!

cute shoes for women

How To Choose The Best Walking Shoes For Women?

#1: Look For The Right Features!

Comfortable walking shoes for women have an essential requirement. They need to have the necessary features!

  • Heel Counter

The first feature has to be the heel counter. The heel counter should be snug and supportive enough to keep your feet comfortable. Take care that it is snug but not too tight.

Its main job is to prevent your feet from pronating and supinating.

Pronating means that, while walking, your heels point outwards; you tend to put most of your body weight on the insides of your feet. While supinating is the reverse. Supinating refers to the situation when your heels are inwards and put your weight on the outsides of the feet.

As you can guess, both the conditions are undesirable as they don't let the body weight be distributed evenly, causing you paining feet.

  • Toe Box

The name says it all. The toe box is the front part of the shoe, where the toe resides. This part of the shoe plays a very critical role in ensuring comfort!

Make sure that this part is neither too roomy nor too clingy. It should give enough freedom to your toes to bend and wiggle. But too much room can also cause a lot of shifting, ultimately resulting in discomfort.

  • Quality Insoles

Next are quality insoles. Insoles cushion your feet, and their job is shock absorption.

Make sure your insoles cushion your feet well. The key is to have insoles that shape well to your foot so that they can absorb all the impact the feet make on the shoe.

You often experience strain in your calves and feet after walking for long durations. But don't worry, as good insoles can save you from the pain.

  • Breathability

Long days can make your feet sweat a little. That's why getting a breathable shoe that doesn't trap moisture is necessary, as trapped humidity can often lead to painful blistering and general discomfort.

An excellent example of a shoe that comes clean on all these attributes is SolChic's Jet Black Flats. They are one of the most cute shoes for women while staying true to the comfort quotient. They have snug heel counters, fit like gloves, have memory insoles, and, lastly, a breathable upper! Plus, black shoes for women don't need introductions anyways!

black shoes for women

#2: How To Find The Perfect Fit?

Now that you understand the features, let's see how to use them for a good fit! Because a good fit will make the difference between your go-to shoe and the one that just sits in your closet.

  • Pay Attention to Both Width & Length

Often we only pay attention to the length and neglect the width. But a genuinely comfortable women's shoe is both the perfect length and the perfect width.

Improper length crowds your toes and doesn't give them enough freedom. This is especially difficult if you have any deformities or issues like Hammertoes and Bunions.

But this is something many already know.

But about the width, too narrow or too broad a shoe can cause you calluses and blisters. But you might think how? Because your foot rubs on the wide toe box as you walk, this causes blisters!

  • Understand Your Foot Arch

Arches can make or break the deal. There are three foot arches: low or flat, Medium or normal, and high arch.

Low arches or flat feet indirectly cause muscle and joint stress. Thus, find a shoe that offers reasonable motion control. We also recommend a straight last shoe!

High arch people again tend towards muscle and joint stress because of the minimal natural shock absorption. Thus, prioritize cushioning, meaning good insoles. Also, high arch feet need curved last shoes.

Lastly, if you have normal arched feet and don't fit in either of the categories, you must find the middle ground in both the above scenarios. You will need straight or semi-curved lasts and moderate rare foot stability!

#3: Don't forget The Style!

You got the right features in your shoe. And they are working for you as well because the fit is so comfortable! But, if they aren't your style, would you make them your go-to shoe? 

The bottom line is, your goody-two-shoes won't provide that feel-good feeling when you wear them if they lack in style.

 Thus, the last box to check is style!

And, indeed, the modern definition of fashion doesn't only translate to high heels. It means comfort and style go hand in hand.

The market is flooded with stylish walking shoes for women that are high in utility and high in style.

stylish walking shoes for women

In A Nutshell…

Use the above tips to find a shoe that is not only pretty but is your ideal solemate and stays with you in all your daily hustle!

Make an informed decision so that you do not regret it later on!

We advise not to indulge yourself in the utility to look trade-off; because it is not worth it!

Footwear brands like SolChic, are trying to make shoes that make an impact. We want to positively impact the environment by going sustainable and impacting our customers' lives by giving them happy feet via shoes with enviable designs!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our range of chic shoes and premium designs, much like our favorite Capetown Neutral flats!

Till then,

Walk with Style!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Sustainable Are You?

We are entirely sustainable. We use waste plastic bottles to make our shoes and involve fair-trade practices.

Are You Available For Wholesale Orders?

Bring it on! Indeed we are!

Are Sol Shoes Comfortable For Walking?

Yes, they fit as gloves do. And being lightweight, you will forget you are wearing anything on your feet!

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

We completely understand your concern, and we provide a 30-Day refund period.

How Sturdy Are Your Shoes?

Our shoes last long and are water and dirt-resistant. Sol shoes take care of everything!

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