Your Guide To Finding The Best Dog Walking Shoes For Women!

Best Dog Walking Shoes For Women

Did you know an average dog owner walks around 20,000 steps a day? Our little furry friends are balls of energy and can walk miles before they stop for rest. And they can achieve all this due to the natural waterproof padding in their feet. To cope with your pooch, you need a similar setup. And only the best dog walking shoes for women can make it possible!

Long walks while having a good time and playing with your dog are some of the most cherished parts of the day while being the most tiring too! Therefore choosing the right shoe is essential. Below is a guide to selecting the best dog walking footwear and what factors you should consider while looking for the ideal footwear.

Dog Walking Shoes

Things To Think Before Buying A Pair Of Dog Walking Shoes

#1: Types Of Terrains You Would Be Traversing

The first thing you need to ponder is the type of terrain. If you hit the beach with your dog, you need different shoes than if you mostly walk on paved streets.

Let’s look into the various types of terrains.

Urban Roads and Parks

If you and your furry friend enjoy city life, you mostly walk the urban roads and parks.

This terrain is comparatively less demanding. So, you can get creative with your footwear for dog walking. You can go for good ballet flats with lots of cushioning, like one with memory foam insoles.

We suggest you opt for dark-colored or black shoes as mud spots will be less visible on them!

Unpaved Gravel Roads

Gravel roads are a little more demanding than urban paved roads. Primarily because of the elements like loose sand and small rocks all around.

And you know that your puppy is just a bit more active than you. So, running and coping up with them on loose sand can be a bit of a job. Thus, opt for something sturdy to tackle the rocks and one that can help your grip over loose sand.


City roads are just not the type for many dogs. They crave the wilderness, the woody scents, vast open spaces, and the abundant sticks of woods and hills.

If you are your walk partner are the adventure type, consider opting for highly sturdy, durable, water-resistant shoes with a firm grip.


Pups love to play around in shallow rivers. And while wet paws are a thing for puppies, they are not much of an attraction for us. So, again get a long waterproof shoe.

The Beach

If you and your friend love the beaches as much as we do, pull out your favourite waterproof sandals or slip-on mules so that you can take them on and off according to your comfort.

#2: The Activity Level Of Your Pooch

How active your little friend is matters a lot!

Say you have a super-energetic shepherd, collie, or something similar, flips flops won’t cut it! They whiz around with a lot of force and speed. Plus, their stamina means they tire after longer walks.

But say, your friend has gotten old now. It may pant after shorter walks. Also, oldies need a number of these short walks as they have difficulty controlling their bowels.

This is where you can go for stylish shoes like pretty flats or sandals—well, again, depending on the terrain.

How To Select The Best Dog Walking Shoes For Women?

#1: Water-Resistant

Rains have always been and will be unpredictable. And if your pup wants to go out for a walk, you just have to take them.

And add to it the worry that, will the shoes dry before the next walk?

Thus, save yourself the trouble and find a pair of good water-resistant shoes. And since you love animals, why not be nicer to them by opting for vegan shoes? These animal-friendly shoes are made of recycled material like waste plastic bottles that are eco-friendly and waterproof!

SolChic’s Safari Tan Flats keep vegan values close to their heart and use no animal-sourced material whatsoever. Plus, no cruelty was done to animals while making them.

dog walking women’s shoes online

#2: Well-Cushioned

Comfort is integral to good dog walking footwear.

Without proper cushioning, you would only be wishing for the walk to end as soon as possible.

Thus prioritize cushioning when buying dog-walking women’s shoes online. At SolChic, we have inbuilt memory foam insoles.

These take the shape of your feet and absorb all and any shock your footsteps cause.

#3: Flexible And Durable

Dog walkers traverse many more miles than any other person in significantly less time. So the best shoes for dog walking are incredibly durable.

They must last you at least a few months. Ideally, you should replace even the most durable walking shoes after 800 miles. So, if you walk, say, an average of 5 miles a day, you should change your shoes every five months.

#4: Breathable

It’s a myth; breathability and water resistance can’t co-exist.

The best dog walking shoes for women like SolChic will always be breathable and waterproof.

For example, recycled shoes made of plastic are not only waterproof but the threads weaved from plastic leave tiny pores in between, which makes the shoe breathable.

An added feature here is that they are incredibly soft and maintain temperature and curb humidity levels inside the shoe.

#5: Lightweight

Imagine walking with weights tied to your feet!

You certainly don’t want these weights on long walks with your dog. Therefore lightweight shoes are a priority.

#6: Don’t Forget Fashion!

Nobody wears a shoe the second time if the shoe is not attractive enough. No matter how useful they are.

Plus, walks with your fury partner are happy times. Get a shoe that is attractive, peppy enough, and versatile to match all your outfits.

Sol shoes have versatile color palettes that go with any attire. You can even double up these multipurpose shoes as your travel shoes or all-day standing shoes!

Check out these peppy, versatile, and trendy Napoli Pink flats.

trendy Napoli Pink flats

In A Nutshell…

You and your pooch both eagerly wait for this time of the day- the walk/s.

And discomfort should not ruin these happy memories.

That’s why choose good dog walking shoes that can sustain you and make your walk as merrier as possible.

After all, you don’t want to get tired before they do!

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Dry Your Shoes If They Do Get Wet?

If you are in a hurry, stuff kitchen roll inside the shoe. Try not to use a heat source.

How Often Should You Clean And Reproof Your Walking Shoes?

Once a month is a suitable frequency to reproof your shoes. Here is a guide on how to do that the easy way.

Are SolChic’s Shoes Vegan And Sustainable Footwear?

Yes, Chic shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and are vegan and sustainable.

What Does SolChic Manufacture?

We manufacture women’s shoes and handbags that are both vegan and sustainable.

Are Sol Shoes Affordable?

Indeed, we are half the cost and are even more attractively priced at wholesale prices!

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