A Guide To Choosing Right Working Shoes for Women Online?

working shoes for women

Online shopping is fun and rather addictive, to be honest. But as women, we find difficulty in getting the perfect fit when it comes to shoes. Furthermore, sometimes there is a difference between what we expect and what we get. And usually, the blame is not on misleading descriptions but our lack of tact in evaluating listings. Therefore here is an article covering all of this and equips you to choose the perfect working shoes for women online!

What's more, shopping online helps reduce carbon footprint as delivering the shoe to our doorstep typically creates lesser pollution than everybody driving up to storefronts to try on shoes themselves. Plus, it is so convenient. Just a few taps are all it takes!

We at SolChic, also aim to reduce our carbon footprint. We manufacture vegan and sustainable shoes made from recycled material like waste plastic bottles. Being made from plastic bottles, they are water-resistant and easy to clean too!

Our favourite black raffia mules embody our sustainability ideals while being immensely stylish shoes. And not only stylish, but they are also highly comfortable and can be worn with anything.

But again, to be ultimately happy with your purchase, your shoes must fit you! So, below are a few steps and tips to land on your ideal shoe.

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How To Find The Right Shoe Size And Fit?

Here is the step-by-step process to find the perfect shoe size and fit for your feet.

Step #1: Lay A Printer Sheet Flat On The Floor

The first step to finding the perfect women's shoes online is to grab a sheet of paper and keep it on the floor. Next, tape the sheet from the four corners so that it doesn't move.

Take care of a few things, that the sheet should not be smaller than your feet, and please place it in an area where there is no risk of slipping.

Step #2: Place Your Foot In The Middle Of The Paper

The next step to finding the perfect online women's shoes is to place your foot in the middle of the sheet. Now check that your foot isn't trailing from the paper. Also, there should be enough space to trace around the perimeter.

Step #3: Create An Accurate Sketch Of The Foot With A Pencil

The next step is to create an exact sketch of the foot by keeping the pencil as close to the foot as possible. You can also try doing this drill in sections to avoid inaccurate drawings.

Step #4: Repeat The Above Sketching On Opposite Foot

We need to repeat all the above steps, from taping down the paper to the floor to creating an accurate pencil sketch on the other foot.

This ensures we know if both the feet are alike or disproportionate. Because it happens that we buy a pair of really comfortable office shoes, but they do not really feel comfy. And disproportionate feet are the reason.

Now, say you choose to buy good work shoes, much like SolChic's Gray Globetrotter flats. A few key things you must know about your feet before you decide are the shoe size, the width of your feet, and, lastly, your arch.

So, now that we are done with the preparation, let's start with getting results.

SolChic Gray Globetrotter flats

 Step #5: Measure The Length Of Both The Feet

The first step in getting results is measuring the length of your feet.

Whatever shoe type you need-standing shoes, travel shoes, or anything else, the essential attribute is the shoe's length.

To calculate the same, take a ruler or measuring tape and make sure it goes through the center of the sketch. Stretch it upto the tallest toe, be it your first toe or second one.

Repeat this measurement exercise for both the sketches and note the readings on separate paper.

Step #6: Convert This Shoe Length To Shoe Size

Many official shoe size lists are available online. Find one for your region and look up the size opposite your foot length.

Also, if the size of both of your feet is different, look up corresponding sizes for both of them. And in case you are shopping internationally, do not forget to convert your shoe size!

Step #7: Measuring The Diameter Of The Feet

Grab your ruler again and place it at your feet' widest part. Yes, both the sketches.

Now, take the reading and note it on the paper and compare these readings with a width sizing chart.

Follow the below tips to conclude.

  1. The widest part of your toe is beneath your big toe and piggy toe.
  2. Categorizing the width of your feet under wide, narrow, and standard depends on your foot length too! If you are a size 10, you need to keep in mind that a width of 3.8 in is not much. Whereas, for a size 7, it will be considered wide feet. Therefore, while searching for your ideal walking shoes, keep in mind both your size and width before looking for a wide or a standard toe box.

Step #8: Get To Know Your Arch By Dipping Your Feet In Water

The last step is knowing your arch by the wet foot experiment. And it is pretty straightforward.

Dip your feet in the water, place them on cardboard, and immediately lift your feet.

The imprint on the cardboard will tell the story of your arch.

There are three scenarios:

  1. You see most of your feet- You are low arched.
  2. You see 2/3rd of your feet- You have a standard arch.
  3. You see only half of your arch- You are high arched.

I agree arches do not directly define the size and fit of your shoe. But they do determine the type of shoe you would wear.

For example, while looking for high arched women's comfortable business shoes, look out for extra cushioning. Much like SolChic's Capetown Neutral flats with memory foam insoles for that extra padding.

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In A Nutshell…

Arriving at the perfect shoe size is essential because online shopping while giving you the comfort of shopping from home, bereft you of trying the shoe before buying.

An excellent way to tackle this is to buy from a company or a wholesale supplier with excellent return and exchange policies.

At SolChic, we prioritize our customers at every step. From giving them quality sustainable footwear to supreme comfort, a no-questions-asked return, and exchange policy.

So, check out our retail page if you are searching for flats or mules for women online. Moreover, we also manufacture vegan and sustainable handbags!

Frequently Asked Questions

At What Time Should I Measure My Feet?

Try to measure your feet around evening or morning because they tend to swell up to half a size during the day.

What Kind Of Shoes Should Low-Arched Working Women Wear?

Low-arched women should consider having good soles to counter the extra stress.

What Kind Of Shoes Should High-Arched Working Women Wear?

High-arched women should go for quality insoles.

Are Sol Shoes Trendy And Comfortable?

Indeed, our mission statement is, SolChic, So comfortable! We believe in staying trendy too!

Which Sustainable Products Do We Currently Manufacture?

Currently, we make flats, mules, and handbags!

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