Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Vegan Shoes: Their Advantages And How They Are Nature's Saviors!

Vegan shoes are taking over the market! Shockingly, the vegan footwear industry stood at roughly $25 Billion in 2020? What's more, it is expected to grow at a rate of 7.2% between 2020 and 2030.

But why are vegan shoes getting so much traction? Well, the answer is easy, they are awesome! They are good for the environment, perform better than traditional leather, and are typically cheaper!

And most importantly, no animals get killed!

Why would you want leather then?

At SolChic, we understand our duty towards animals and the environment as a whole. And thus found a way of decreasing the carbon footprint while saving precious animal lives.

And that's how we landed with our range of very stylish vegan shoes like our favorite Napoli Pink flats.

And what's more, our very affordable vegan shoes make a fabulous Galentine's day gift for your girl love!

So, let's deep dive into the details of what is a vegan shoe is, its advantages, and how they make a perfect gift for your beloved!

vegan designer shoes

What Is A Vegan Shoe?

Well, the easy part is, it doesn't use animal skin. But then what does it use?

So, vegan shoes are made up of vegan leather.

Vegan leather is made up of a variety of materials—the most common being PU or Polyurethane and PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. But you might argue PU and PVC are not environment-friendly materials.

So, the catch is they use recycled plastic bottles. Thus, reducing the carbon footprint over the planet.

And the best part, it feels and looks just like genuine leather.

Now that we know the basics let us see why they are so desirable!

What Are The Advantages Of Vegan Shoes?

#1: Animal Pro Shoes

Leather shoes are made up of cows, sheep, or pigskin. But vegan leather does not have such demands. It is animal-friendly and cruelty-free!

And there is more. Even if your shoe is non-leather, it might also be using animal-based glues and fabrics.

Vegan footwear, on the other hand, contains no animal products whatsoever. And it goes further by not even testing any materials on animals.

In short, we can save so many animal lives by opting for vegan leather!

Plus, with so many vegan designer shoes available, you are spoilt for options!

#2: Go Eco-Friendly

Going vegan with your fashion not only helps animals but benefits the environment as a whole!

Vegan shoe brands aim at lowering their carbon footprint. But how? So, they usually use naturally available materials or recycle the existing waste. Thus making sure that they reduce carbon footprint in some manner!

For example, at SolChic, all our shoes are recycled shoes. Like, our very stylish Raffia Neutral mule is made by weaving threads obtained by recycling waste plastic bottles.

#3: They Are Trend-Setters

Going vegan has become such a huge trend. So many trendy women's shoes are available in the vegan category.

Moreover, wearing vegan footwear is a style statement now, not just because of the looks, but because of the idea and awareness behind it!

And no doubt, this is why vegan shoes are the hottest Valentine's day gift idea this year!

Indeed, choosing vegan products for your Valentine's will reflect how thoughtful you are about animals and mother nature. And a person thoughtful enough for the planet makes for a perfect date if you ask me.

#4: They Don't Need You To Break The Bank!

Vegan leather is usually less costly than genuine leather. Surprising, right? But it's all in the manufacturing process that fake leather involves.

And since they cost less, you can have more for less! Meaning you can have more variety of shoes in your closet for the same price! Hurray!

But if you ask us, at SolChic, we believe in sustainability at our core. And a part of sustainability says choose versatile footwear so that you do not need to have too many of them. Ultimately, they increase the carbon footprint, damaging the planet.

sustainable shoes

#5: They Last Longer

Genuine leather is prone to creasing, wrinkling, and warping issues. But owing to the raw materials used in making the fake leather shoe, they do not suffer from these issues.

They are more durable, more resistant to other weather conditions, and most importantly, dirt and water-resistant. While on the other hand, leather is a high-maintenance mistress!

So, doesn't going vegan make much more sense now? Vegan leather is cheaper, and it doesn't even ask for maintenance!

And if you are still doubtful about how vegan shoes women are so awesome and make for the perfect Valentine Day Gifts, here is the last reason!

#6: Options Options Everywhere… Which One Should I Choose?

Yes, you are sure shot spoilt for choices due to the huge influx of vegan shoes online.

So, if your girl is picky, don't worry you are not in trouble for the number of options but definitely in trouble as to which one to pick!

As an increasing number of vegan women shoe brands are coming up to cater for this not-so-new go vegan trend.

All have their USPs and cater to different sets of audiences.

At SolChic, sustainability and veganism are our core values, and we understand how important they are. And we believe that they should be within everybody's reach.

So, while all our products, flats, sandals, mules, and handbags, are entirely sustainable and vegan, our price tag is very affordable compared to other brands.

Plus, we put a lot of attention on utility. They are very comfortable shoes, versatile in nature, and will soon become your go-to pair for all your needs. We put a lot of effort into making the ultimate stylish shoes for women.

For example, our Safari Tan Tote Bag and Safari Tan flats are gorgeous, completely vegan, and the ultimate fashion statement.

Eco-friendly shoes for women

In A Nutshell…

Veganism is our hope for a better, healthier future, where nature and humankind survive in total symbiosis and harmony.

Going vegan is a way to express our gratitude towards mother Earth and show that, yes, we care!

Therefore, this Valentine's and Galentine's day, let's celebrate veganism!

So, if you want to impress your girl and give a gift she would not only love but use so often that it's a part of her body, go for SolChic's vegan and sustainable shoes!

We are sure she would love your thoughtful gift.

So, till then,

Walk with style!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Vegan Shoes?

Vegan Shoes are made of non-animal products. Ideally, they should not even use any products tested on animals.

Are SolChic Shoes Vegan?

Indeed, they are. We recycle waste plastic bottles and ensure that no cruelty is done to animals during the process.

Are Sol Shoes Sustainable?

Yes, they are! We use recycled raw materials and involve fair trade practices as well!

Are Your Shoes Comfortable and Stylish?

Our mission statement is SolChic, So Comfortable! And for the trendy part, check out our shop page to believe once you see it!

Do We Take Wholesale Orders?

Yes, we do take wholesale orders!

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