Should You Have Matching Shoes And Bags? Dos & Don’ts!

Should You Have Matching Shoes And Bags? Dos & Don’ts!

A lost trend has made its comeback! Yes, matching Accessories are back in fashion! And when you talk about matching accessories, we cannot skip matching shoes and bags.

We are aware that there are two schools of thought regarding matching accessories. Some think it is too traditional, while others feel it is stylish and classy.

Well, we think matching shoes and bags can actually be a thing if done right! I mean, checkout the above Capetown Neutral handbag and ballet flats. Don’t they look chic?

While fashion is something to be creative with, you need to play by some basic rules. So, let’s begin!

But first, let’s sneak peek into how this trend first sprang up.

A Fashion History Of How Matching Accessories Became A Thing!

So who do you think started this trend of matching bags and shoes—the fashionistas, the movie stars, or the fashion magazines?

Strangely enough, it was none of these but advertisers and retailers!

The sale of accessories like handbags was on a decline. This was the decade of the 1950s. America was emerging through the post-war boom, and the economy was getting stronger.

And the retailers needed the next big idea to shoot up the sale for accessories. And matching accessories was that big brain wave.

Advertisers were publishing photos of women with exactly matching purses and shoes. The female community absorbed the idea, and suddenly many women were flaunting shoes and bags with exactly matching shades.

Obviously, the accessory market shot up!

The effect was that many shops kept matched pairs of shoes and bags on display. Have you ever noticed that many stores have shoes and bags area next to each other even today? Well, that is more than just a coincidence!

The Dos Of Matching Shoes And Bags

#1:Pay Attention To Primary Colors And Patterns

Women’s shoes come in various patterns and colors. And while doing the matching game, you need to pay keen attention to the color and design.

For example, a couple of tan shoes with a tan handbag as shown above. Moreover, the safari pattern of the shoes matches with the bag, which exudes an expensive look.

While this might seem pretty straightforward, there is one rule.

If there are too many colors in your handbag/shoes, pick the most prominent one, and match your shoes/handbag and accessories.

walking shoes for women

#2: Match The Materials

Imagine pairing an elegant faux fur bag with canvas walking shoes. It would be a total disaster, right?

On the other hand, pairing up leather shoes with a leather bag seems like a deal!

But leather, as you know, involves animal cruelty. And with people becoming more and more environment-conscious, another trend is gathering momentum- vegan shoes and bags!

They have a broad range, but the most popular ones are recycled shoes. Yes, those are made up of waste plastic bottles and the type. What’s more, they also get counted in the sustainable footwear category.

An example is the very trendy neutral Raffia mules. A matching raffia bag would not only compliment the mules but being versatile would go with almost any pair and attire.

#3: Balance Statement Pieces With Understated Ones

A statement piece can bring to life any look.

But avoid bringing in too many statement pieces. After all, a statement piece concentrates the eye of the viewer at a certain point, and so many statement pieces would only confuse the viewer.

So, if you are opting for statement stylish shoes, carry an understated bag and vice versa.

This tip is essential, whether it is your office shoes, travel shoes, or even walking shoes, for that matter!

#4: Opt For A Single Color Palette Or Neutral Tones

You really need not buy the same color and pattern shoe-bag pair for every dress!

Instead, go for neutral shades of shoes and bags like beige, white, gray, black, etc. Now ensure that the one you choose for the day goes with the overall color palette.

But if you are feeling especially cheery and you want to wear some color, you can keep the accessories in a lighter shade than your ensemble.

Try this guide for more tips on how to match shoes and bags.

recycled material work shoes for women

The Don’ts Of Matching Shoes And Bags

#1: Don’t Use The Same Shade Of The Color All Through

You cannot always pair the exact pattern and color shoe-bag combo—nor does it always look good.

Instead, opt for muted colors, or you can keep the accessory color a few shades lighter or darker.

#2: Don’t Use The Same Fabric As Your Attire For Shoes Or Bags

As we discussed earlier, matching the material of shoes and bags is a great idea. But then, if you have a leather skirt as well, leather bags won’t go very well. Try to bring variety in your attire materials.

Instead, consider pairing your flared skirt with recycled material work shoes.

#3: Avoid Too Many Patterns

If you have a patterned bag say a floral purse, try not to go for a floral sandal. Instead, pick a prominent color in the bag and match your shoe with a shade of it. Steer clear of two florals on yourself.

#4: Keep Seasons In Mind

You wouldn’t pair a faux fur overcoat with a flared short skirt, would you?

Same way, the seasons apply to accessories as well. Keep summer bags and lighter shoes for the summers and bigger bags and heavier shoes like boots etc., for winters.

Even something as neutral as standing shoes should have mesh above for summers while it does not need to be that high performance for winters.

#5: Consider The Occasion

Last but not least, keep the occasion in mind too. This tip is quite obvious: there is a look for every occasion, but never the less important.

Nobody wears office shoes to formal dates. But it is an art to learn the right look for an occasion.

recycled shoes and handbags for women

In A Nutshell…

Matching shoes and bags is a sure-shot way to exude class if done right.

It does not always look good, but we are sure you would pull it right if you followed the above steps!

We hope you benefitted from the above article and that it was helpful.

So, till then,

Keep Walking In Style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Matching Shoes And Bags Necessary For Formal Events?

There is no such fashion rule, but people say that matching accessories make women look more sophisticated.

Do Same Color Shoe And Bag Make Me Look Taller?

Indeed they do! A tote bag or shoulder bag with matching sandals will make you look taller.

Will I Appear Rich, If I Wear Matching Accessories?

This is subjective, but most people feel ladies with matching accessories are rich!

Do Chic Shoes And Bags Match?

Yes, they do! We have bags matching our very trendy and versatile flats.

Are we affordable?

Indeed, we are half the price and lesser at wholesale prices!

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