Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Work From Home Shoes That Can Double Up As Women’s Office Shoes!

How often do you come to your workplace post-COVID? Few times in a week to a few times in a month? So, do you have different shoes for the office and work from home? Well, what if you could have women’s office shoes that could double up as work-from-home shoes as well!

And yes, work-from-home shoes are a thing. I know you could be in slippers. But getting ready for work, whenever you start, sets you in the mood. Don’t believe us? Forbes backs us! Plus, your floor gets dirty, however nicely you clean it.

Thus what better than versatile shoes you can use both in your home and office and even running errands?

At SolChic, we felt this trend of new normal setting in. And thus introduced our line of very versatile trendy shoes for women. You can wear them anywhere and with any attire.

Moreover, while caring for your feet, we also care for planet Earth! That’s why we manufacture vegan, sustainable shoes.

For example, our very sassy yet comfortable flats, Safari women’s shoes fit into every mold- home, office, running errands, you name it!

Thus, let us know more about such versatile, use-me-anywhere shoes!

Top 3 Work From Home Shoes That Double Up As Women’s Office Shoes!

casual office shoes

#1: Ballet Flats

Flats are indeed the most versatile and comfortable working shoes!

And I know they may feel a lot like a “shoe,” but still, they are an excellent idea. Perfect at-home flats are an ideal combination of comfort and style.

They give you the comfort of walking n-miles a day. What if you urgently need to run an errand? Sorted! Need to go to the office? They make you look dressy enough, so, sorted!

Moreover, they are comfy and quiet. Your neighbors won’t feel the thud-thud of you walking over them. So, work-at-home is also sorted!

Remember dressing up to set the mood for work? Ballet flats are indeed tremendous and top our list of casual office shoes.

Plus, they look good with anything. Your favorite loose pants to skirts to midis, just name it.

If there are one women’s flats you must have, it is ballet flats!

Some of our favorite collection pieces are as follows:

  • Safari Tan

We are proud of our little cheetah here:

Safari Tan ballet flats reflect the Safari wildernesses in a pretty and confident manner. They are gorgeous statement cheetah print flats with brown and black spots on a beige background.

And since all three of them are neutral shades, they are versatile shoes and can be paired with anything.

  • Parisian Pink

Want to look like a ballet dancer in these beautiful flats?

These Parisian Pink ballet flats are pretty and very trendy shoes for women.

And their best part is they are sustainable shoes. The main idea is to reduce carbon footprint and make Earth a much more green place!

What’s more, they are vegan too! No product used in them was sourced from animals. Not even the glue is animal-sourced. We even take care that no product was tested on animals.

Black Raffia Mule

#2: Mules

These trendy shoes have been “in” for many years now. But their use cases have troubled me ever since. Its fewer use cases mean that I may not wear them so often as my favourite office shoes.

But now that we are more at home now, mules are a great idea! They are the most comfortable chic shoes as all you need to do is slipin your feet like a slipper. While, you get the style of a mule.

All those who have spent their bucks on mules all these days must be thanking themselves now!

You can pair mules with high waist pants or skirts or anything your style quotient suggests.

Being chic slip-on, they are ideal for work-from-home conditions as well!

Some of our prized possessions are:

  • Neutral Raffia Mule

Our clients love the comfort and style this mule brings with it. These Raffia shoes are in line with our motto of sustainability and veganism.

These Raffia mules use raffia threads made from peeling waste plastic bottles. Since they use waste plastic bottles, we put the recycling, reuse, and reduce sustainability principles into action.

They are vegan too because they are animal product-free and cruelty-free like the ballet flats.

They come to you in the best interests of your feet and mother nature.

  • Black Raffia Mule

Black office shoes are statement pieces, and these Raffia mules only exceed expectations.

They are super chic shoes and provide a very professional look. Made from the same materials as the neutral mule, they also follow the norms of vegan and sustainable shoes.

Being black, they are very versatile and go with any attire color.

comfortable working shoes

In A Nutshell…

These trendy, comfortable shoes are an excellent option for those with hybrid work routines.

All three, flats, mules, and sandals, are great even if you need standing shoes for work. These women’s office shoes are trendy, beautiful, versatile, and have set new benchmarks for comfort.

These cute office shoes are easy to wear and takeoff, making them ideal for work-from-home conditions.

At SolChic, we strive to give your feet the best quality and experience. Thus, our shoes have memory foam insoles and rubber outsoles for optimum comfort. Our designs are trendy and versatile that go with any dress. What’s more, they are water-resistant shoes!

Moreover, we have not forgotten our planet Blue. Like Globetrotter Gray flats, our shoes are entirely sustainable and vegan shoes for women and aim to reduce the carbon footprint.

So, want a perfect women’s office shoe pair? Check out our Shop page.

And till then,

Keep walking in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ones Are Good Work From Home Shoe?

It is comfortable, chic, versatile, easy to wear and takeoff, and, if possible water-resistant.

What Are Raffia Mules Made Of?

Our Raffia shoes are made of Raffia derived from waste plastic water bottles.

Which Shoe Type Can Double Up The Best As A Work From Home And Office Shoe?

All three of the above are great, depending on your mood for the day, attire, and personal likings.

Are We Taking Wholesale Orders?

Yes, we are!

Do Sol Shoes Use Animal or Animal-Sourced Products?

We make women’s vegan shoes that do not use animal or animal-sourced products.

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