Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

The Best Water-and-Dirt Resistant Women's Shoes for Travel!

Travel is like meditation. But that meditation is sure destroyed if you don't have the right water-resistant shoes for women. I mean you cannot avoid puddles and rains while city-walking. And hiking and trekking are only pain without the right pair of shoes!

A good pair of water-resistant shoes are a must while traveling.

But do not invest in just any shoe. You should know what to look for in water-resistant shoes for women, especially during travel. Plus, it is good to know the specific qualities of different travel shoes that make them your perfect travel partner! And lastly, how to do the quality check?

But if you want to cut the chase short, grab the perfect women's water-resistant shoes for travel, the SolChic's water-resistant shoes here!

Factors To Consider While Selecting Water-Resistant Shoes For Women

#1: What Would I Be Doing?

This question is really important. Do ask yourself the question- What would I be doing in these shoes?

Will you be wandering around cities on a rainy day? Or would you be hiking and trekking amongst the clouds and mountains?

Whatever you do, there is a shoe for every activity. Ballet flats like our very trendy Safari Tan flats are great if you are city wandering! Just roll them, and these palm-sized flats would fit in the tiniest corner of your suitcase, and you would genuinely cherish their comfort on your trip!

After all, who wants nasty sore feet after a beautiful day's outing?

best walking shoes for travel

#2: Do They Have Enough Traction?

Rain and muck can make any surface slippery, and good traction is essential.

Traction is anyways crucial in any shoe, but while looking for waterproof travel shoes, it is all the more important!

#3: How Good Is The Cushioning?

Cushioning is another essential feature, whatever your plan may be for the day. Otherwise, the excess pressure on your feet can result in sore back and feet by the day end.

Features like memory foam insoles and rubber outsoles leave no space for discomfort.

These shoes are not only the best walking shoes for travel but good nursing shoes for women.

 #4: What About Sweat Management?

Who wants stinky feet when you pull open shoes? I know, it is an absolute no-no!

And you have to admit, traveling is all standing for hours and hours. Therefore, pay attention that the shoe you choose has moisture-wicking capabilities. That is, the inner layers can wick the moisture out towards the outside of the shoe.

#5: Is The Shoe Lightweight?

Imagine walking with weights tied to your feet! It makes no sense, right?

Similarly, it makes no sense to walk miles while sightseeing with heavy shoes that weigh and tire you down.

Thus make sure you buy lightweight, water-resistant shoes.

That looks like an awful lot of conditions! But we have your perfect travel partner up our sleeve. SolChic's Jet Black shoes are any women's dream. They are comfy, come with memory foam insoles and rubber outsoles. Have moisture-wicking capabilities and feel like a feather on your feet!

There are many reasons why flats are your perfect travel partner. Let's see them!

Check out this guide on how to buy waterproof shoes to know more!

most comfortable work shoes for women

Why Are Flats Your Perfect Travel Partner?

Flats are the ideal shoes that can cooperate with you in atleast three seasons. They are comfy, versatile, and semi-formal and thus are a take-me-anywhere shoe.

#1: Lightweight And Easy To Pack

They are lightweight, so you can wear them for any length of time and carry them in your day bag or backpack. Moreover, they make for very comfortable working shoes so in case you have a small work during your vacation, you can change to these flats anytime!

#2: Super Versatile And Go With Everything

SolChic's women's flats come in pretty colors and versatile designs and go with almost anything- from dresses to jeans to pants!

So, say it's a workation, and as you know, flats are also the most comfortable work shoes for women, you can wear the same flats you were wearing a few moments ago under your beach dress!

Plus, since they are comfy, these cute shoes are a lethal combination of comfort and style!

#3: Comfy To Walk Miles In

Comfort is the top-most priority when it is about travel shoes. Good comfortable flats have few features in common. Memory foam insoles so that you do not have sore back and feet and absolutely no hobbling!

Moreover, they should have a wide enough toe box and soft material that doesn't dig into your feet.

#4: They Are Sustainable

Caring for mother nature is our duty and lowering the carbon footprint is an excellent way to fulfill it!

SolChic realizes its duty towards the environment, and that's why we manufacture only sustainable shoes and handbags. Our shoes are not only sustainable, but they are also vegan shoes! They are basically made up of recycled waste plastic bottles.

These recycled shoes lessen the carbon footprint, and the best part comes at no extra cost to you!

#5: Most Importantly, They Are Waterproof

And the most essential feature that we cannot miss out on while traveling is water resistance!

Flats easily qualify as one of the best women's water-resistant walking shoes. You can walk as much as you want, and be it rains or puddles, they stay dry like magic!

But you might be thinking how?

Well, they are made up of sustainable plastic thread! It does not absorb water, instead repels it! And likewise with dirt too! So, they are dirt-resistant shoes too!

In A Nutshell…

Travel is a lot easier with water-resistant shoes as avoiding rains is not possible but staying dry is!

But it is also essential to be comfy and wear stylish shoes. Therefore, go for women's flats as they check all the boxes! They are great office shoes, awesome travel shoes, and even make for water-resistant running shoes. What else do you want?

Well, I guess, shoes at wholesale rates! Chuckles. Check out our Parisian Pink Custom Pack (Size 6-11), Dropshipping (Size 6-11), Prepack A (Size 6-10), Prepack B (Size 7-11).

Parisian Pink Womens Flats

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are SolChic's Water-Resistant Shoes Made Up Of?

They are made up of waste plastic water bottles.

Is Plastic Thread Dirt-Resistant Too?

Yes, indeed!

What Is Veganism?

Veganism is an ideology that does not harm any animals in the process.

What Does SolChic Manufacture?

We manufacture flats, sandals, mules, and handbags!

Are SolChic products trendy?

Well, look for yourselves!


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