Standing Work Shoes for Women: Do You Need Them and How to Find Them?


The shoe struggle is real. It is not easy to stand all day for work, and the worst part is to go back home every day with sore feet and backache. This struggle is a daily routine and thus arises the need for standing work shoes for women.

Often we trade comfort with pretty looks while buying our work shoes. But do you know, even our running shoes or tennis shoes might fail to deliver the required level of comfort? Strange, right? But, indeed, many factors go into ensuring comfort in your two goody shoes!

Comfy yet stylish shoes, much like Solchic’s Capetown Neutral flats, are the modern answer to this age-old problem of uncomfortable shoes!

So, let's see why your foot hurts in your shoes and what you should look for in the ideal pair of standing work shoes!


Why Does My Feet Aches in My Current Shoe Pair?

While we spend our day standing and working, our body constantly puts a lot of pressure on our feet. And if the feet don't get proper support from our footwear due to fit, arch issues, or any other reason, our feet hurt by the end of the day.

So, let's explore some feet ache reasons.

#1: The Shoe Doesn't Fit You Properly

You might say that you know your shoe size; it is the same from teenage!

But surprisingly, shoe sizes can change after teenage too! For example, aging can loosen up some ligaments and tendons in your feet. Pregnancy and weight fluctuation can also play a similar role.

Medical conditions like Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis also lead to the same issue.

Thus, if even your most comfortable shoe is hurting you, consider getting your shoe size checked.

#2: The Shoe Doesn't Match Your Arch Properly

Did you know your foot arch is unique? Much like you have unique facial features?

And this is one of the biggest reasons why many shoes that are your size still hurt you!

Any guesses on how much pressure your arch bears while you walk a single mile? It is a staggering 200,000 to 300,000 pounds!

Imagine your arch bearing all that pressure all day long! No wonder they hurt by the end of the day.

Thus, embrace trial and error and find a shoe that matches your arch.

There are three types of arches- low (flat feet), medium, and high. It will help if you find a shoe according to your unique arch. Or else you can soon land yourself in severe foot problems.

We highly advocate comfortable work shoes for women!

Globetrotter Gray

#3: Your Shoe Doesn't Suit Your Activity

Yes, you read it right!

The work shoes for nurses, restaurant workers, and travelers are different from office shoes primarily because their utility is different.

Office shoes are majorly meant for sitting on desk jobs. In contrast, work shoes for restaurant workers and nurses demand continuous standing and walking and need a different type of comfort altogether.

You need protection from lower backaches, blisters, foot pain, and other safety features. Thus, trading comfort for pretty looks might make you repent later.

A smart move can be SolChic's Parisian Pink flats. They are very stylish, extremely comfortable, sustainable, and available at a competitive price. What else would you want?

Now that we have explored the significant mistakes one might make while purchasing a shoe, Let's see what you should look for in an ideal women's shoe.

How To Look For The Ideal Standing Work Shoes For Women?

Step #1: Look Out For A Brand That Balances Style And Support

We understand it isn't easy to find a shoe that excels both at comfort and style. But modern fashion trends mean that many brands offering stylish yet comfortable footwear are emerging.

After all, style and support are two pillars of an ideal shoe. And without either, the other isn't functional.

Therefore, the first step is to find a brand that holistically caters to both issues. Psst… check out SolChic's sustainable, stylish, and supporting footwear range!

Step #2: Narrow Down Your Search To The Shoe That Matches Your Activity

As already said, every activity demands a specific shoe style. Work shoes for kitchen workers cannot be the same as shoes for offices.

So, the next step is to decide the footwear type. It can be a mule or a ballerina shoe, whatever matches your work's support and style requirements.


Step #3: Double Check All The Supportive Feature Checkboxes

Supportive features are the most important decisive factors and mark the difference between saying yes or no to a shoe!

  • Cushioned Sole

Cushioning is an essential feature in any comfortable shoe. Materials like foam insoles create the cushioning effect.

Cushions ensure your feet stay happy even after a day-long wearing.

  • Durability

There is no point in investing in a shoe that will bid farewell after six months.

A durable shoe must last you long enough and wear evenly.

  • Heel And Arch Support

Heel and arch support performs four critical functions. It improves balance and distributes the weight across the foot, thus relieving stress and reducing foot pain!

  • Lightweight Construction

Since we are talking about walking shoes here, every small detail matters. Light weight construction relieves your feet from the extra burden they might need to carry. This is one of the reasons why even comfortable shoes hurt because they weigh too much!

Thus lookout for shock absorption and lightweight construction features while searching for your shoes.

Solchic's Safari Tan flats and other footwear come with memory insoles that are better than regular ones. They carve your foot inside the shoe and keep them happy even after standing and running around the whole day!

Step #4: Don't Miss Out On Style!

After you have taken the pains to go through the above three steps, it is time to reward yourself with style! Do take care whether the shoe's style resonates with yours.

In A Nutshell…

The new normal has set in. While many are working from homes, many frontline workers, chefs, hairdressers, etc., are bound to show up on duties. There is hardly any time for relaxation, and sore feet are simply undesirable in such times. Foot health has never been more critical, thus the need for work shoes for women.

At SolChic, we believe in taking care!

Taking care of feet, style, people, and the planet!

We want to take care of your feet while providing you with the comfort and style you deserve. Moreover, our shoes are genuinely sustainable, which takes care of people making these shoes and, ofcourse, the planet! We want to give back what we get, and that's why we deliver the best quality in lieu of very competitively priced shoes.

So, meet you in another post.

Till then,

Walk with style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SolChic's Footwear Comfortable?

They are another name for comfort. They fit like gloves, and memory insoles keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Are They Dirt Resistant and Water Resistant?

Yes, absolutely!

Are They Sustainable?

Our footwear is made from waste plastic bottles, and the workers associated are also paid fairly.

Do We Take Wholesale Orders?

We absolutely do!

Are Our Shoes Stylish?

Believe once you see!

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