Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

The Top 5 Spring 2022 Shoe Trends To Shop Now

Winter gloom has finally bid goodbye, and spring has arrived! It is time for pedicure-ready sandals and heels and bash of colors. Spring 2022 Collections, however, debuted last year. But the best most cult buys have started raining in the markets. And now, dear, is the best time to build your wardrobe! And thus, for your convenience, I am elaborating on the top 5 spring 2022 shoe trends that need your attention.

The Spring 2022 Shoe Trends are all about fashion concerned with showing some love to our feet! It is a rainbow of colors befitting the spirit of spring and upholding comfort fashion. Yes, ballet flats are something everybody was waiting for and they are here, finally. But don’t you worry, there is more, the more nights out worthy Mary Jane’s are on the list too!

And if you are a heels person, look out for sculptured heels this spring.

So, why wait? Let’s start with the hottest shoe trends of Spring 2022!

Top 5 Spring 2022 Shoe Trends!

#1: Mary Janes

This retro style is officially back. You may have classified them as Sunday school footwear, but indeed they have made it to the runway now!

These trendy shoes come in every heel size to accommodate anybody and everybody. Every brand, from Chanel to Christian Dior, is launching Mary Janes. And oh! They look like just out of your dreams.

They are great for nights out on a date or with your BFFs.

Although the black silhouette is the first color that pops into my mind when it comes to Mary Janes, don’t you underestimate the new designs. What’s more, black, if you ask me, is perfect for nighttime.

But it’s spring! Do not hesitate to get creative and bold with your choice of color and patterns!

#2: Flats

Comfort fashion is knocking on your doors!

It is time you give your feet the much-needed TLC. Experiment with cute ballet flats, trendy mules, and stylish sandals.

Fashion has finally become comfortable— no more sore back and feet. You can feel as lovely as you look!

SolChic has introduced extremely versatile women’s flat shoes that not only look fab but exceed comfort expectations with their memory in-soles and rubber outsoles.

Psst… they take practical fashion one step further as they are the only sustainable and vegan shoe brand that sells quality shoes at such affordable prices!!! After all, style and sustainability are for everyone.

We absolutely love SolChic’s Peri Blue flats and Parisian Pink flats. These recycled shoes made from waste plastic bottles procured from the oceans are a cause worth embracing, I believe! You can buy them at wholesale numbers too.

womens vegan shoes

#3: Platforms

Platforms, yes, platforms. Another entry from the retro fashion, and trust me on this, they are here to stay for the whole year!

From sneakers to flats to boots, you speak of it, you will see them everywhere! Of course, that means more of sandals and sneakers in spring while more platform boots in the winter.

Also, they are available in various heel heights. While brands like Valentino are shooting for the skies, Gucci has a relatively low-heeled pair.

Wear them with your favorite mini dress or your go-to pants, and flaunt them at parties or your office!

#4: Sneakers

Many designers have reimagined the nostalgic retro sneakers for you this spring! Again an entry that reinforces the onset of the era of comfort fashion. They make for great walking shoes as well as standing shoes or even travel shoes for that matter.

Since we are talking about spring fashion, colors are raining. Neo-print fabrics are very much in, and so are flashy bright colors. Our advice amidst all this, forget your umbrellas!

Loewe and Orange have come up with some excellent stuff this season.


Wedges are our last spring 2022 shoe trend. But oh no… not the usual stuff. They are back with much oomph.

Another level of sculptural heels has carved its place, and all the big players have their statement pieces ready.

Fendiand Versace all have their horses out, and we particularly like Magda But rym’s Satin Wedges.

Their sculptural heels are ready to woo you and make you their die-hard fans!

In A Nutshell…

So these were all the hottest shoe trends of Spring 2022. We believe the onset of the era of practical fashion is a piece of good news for every female. We have had our share of sore back nights. And who needs more if you can look as good without uncomfortable heels?

I believe that comfortable fashion is a sustainable approach to fashion, and I think it will grow further. After all, it’s a win-win situation.

We hope you liked our information on the latest shoe trends this spring. We have only brought the most coveted trends to you, and we hope you find your perfect pair with this information.

So don’t wait for nothing!

Start filling shopping carts and,

Walk In Style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Know The Pantone Color Of The Year 2022?

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is the color of the year. Find the color in SolChic Super Peri Flats!

What Are The Spring 2022 Shoe Trends?

Spring 2022 shoe trends speak of comfortable fashion and bright colors. Shoes like Platforms, Mules, Clogs, Ballet Flats, Sneakers, etc., are going to stay in trend this spring.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Mules And Flats For Women Online?

Try SolChic! So Comfortable!

What Does SolChic Manufacture?

We make sustainable and vegan fashion accessories like flats, mules, sandals, and handbags.

How Can I Become A SolChic Reseller?

Please find the Reseller Handbook here!

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