Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Women’s Walking Shoes | Comfortable Walking Shoes

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The most notable features of women’s walking shoes are durability, comfort, and breathability, amongst others. And a shoe devoid of these qualities can lead to unnecessary injuries.

SolChic, a vegan and sustainable shoe brand, aims to care not only for your feet but also for the planet. Our walking shoes excel in quality, comfort, eco-friendliness, and affordability. Moreover, our collection of shoes will take care of your feet even if you have flat feet or wide feet.

So, let’s look into some features you should look for in an ideal walking or running shoe.

Characteristics of Ideal Women’s Walking Shoes

#1: Comfortable toe box

A comfortable toe box is essential because your feet tend to swell with heat. This feature is significant if you have wide feet.

#2: Good Cushioning And Traction

Good cushioning is essential, and many women’s flat walking shoes don’t take care of this critical detail. But every Sol shoe has memory foam insoles for proper cushioning and rubber outsoles for good traction.

This feature is significant for ladies with flat feet.

#3: Flexibility

The shoe should be flexible to bend with your feet. A rigid sole, like a wooden sole, cannot cater to your foot movements, creating stress.

#4: Durability

Women’s walking shoes should be durable enough to last 300 miles.SolChic’s Parisian Pink and Globetrotter Gray ballet flats will last you long enough, depending on your usage.

#5: Breathable And Lightweight

Our feet let out one shot glass equalling sweat in a single day. Thus, SolChic’s footwear is made of woven polyester that wicks out all the moisture while being extremely lightweight.

#6: Sustainability And Veganism

Chic shoes are made of recycled plastic water bottles and other sustainable materials. Thus are vegan as well as sustainable shoes. Additionally, they are water-resistant and dirt-resistant, so no puddle or rain would ever bother you. And being versatile enough you can wear them to the mall and office too. They are not just walking shoes. They are more.

Solchic So Comfortable!
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