Women’s Essential Flats: How To Make Them More Comfortable

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Flats are indeed the best I-can-wear-them-anywhere shoes ever! They are our go-to options: a formal meeting, a friend’s get-together, or a weekend at the mall. Modern flats are as sassy as heels and as comfortable as gloves. Thus, this post is all about how you can make women’s essential flats even more comfortable!

At SolChic, we put in every effort to make your designer flat shoes as comfortable and chic as possible. We use memory foam insoles and rubber soles to maximize your comfort. Our designs are trendy to make sure you make them your all-time go-to shoes! Check out our Capetown Neutral flats if you don’t believe us!

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How To Make Women’s Essential Flats Even More Comfortable?

#1: Break Into Your Shoes

Yes, this step is crucial. If you are buying any flats, break into them before wearing them in public. That is, wear them for smaller durations in your home.

The advantage of this little technique is that you can remove them if they get uncomfortable. While you don’t have this option if you wear them out on their first day. And honestly, limping and skimping in uncomfortable shoes can ruin any bright day!

#2: Give Invisible Liner Socks A Shot!

Are you sick of blisters and rubbing due to your new flats? Then, no-show liner socks can prove to be a blessing for you! Liner socks don’t peek from your ballet flats. They stay hidden and do their job of efficiently avoiding blisters and rubbing.

While buying one, go for socks made of cotton and acrylic. Cotton absorbs moisture, while acrylic works as a wicking material.

#3: Use Gel Dots To Tackle Friction

Friction between the ankle and the shoe is a serious issue.

Many ballet flats for women have this issue: they create a lot of friction and rub around the ankle. But there is always a way around it.

You can use gel dots that are readily available at drug stores. Just peel off their protective film and apply it on the shoe area that is hurting you.

Replace as necessary!

But caution! If you already have a blister or a scratch on your feet, let it heal before applying these gel dots.

#4: Band-Aid Is Your Next Best Option!

Try band-aids or bandages if you are in a hurry or don’t have access to gel dots!

Apply a band-aid on your feet where you feel friction happens and evade the discomfort with ease.

Also, replace bandaid when necessary and do not use bandaid on blisters.

#5: Find Shoes With Padding!

Padding or insoles go a long way in keeping your feet secure. Otherwise, standing, walking, and running around can take a toll on your feet by the end of the day. Often you feel the strain on your joints and feet by day end. This can easily be attributed to the lack of padding in your shoes.

But there is a hack for everything, and thus there is one for padding.

You can get gel insoles from your nearby drug store or online store. They are available in various sizes, and the method is the same, peel and stick to the insides of the shoe.

But luckily, SolChic shoes take care of this pain point as they have thick memory foam insoles. They remember your foot shape and provide you with the necessary shock absorption. Like the Napoli Pink flats, our flats make for the most comfortable flats for women.

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#6: Try Moleskin Padding Over The Shoe Insole!

Moleskin padding is another great friend of yours if you have ballet flat shoes that dig into your feet!

Moleskin padding can provide an extra layer for added cushioning and comfort between you and the shoe.

Also, it is straightforward to do this hack because moleskin padding is readily available in your nearby drug stores. Just buy some, cut according to your shoe fit, peel off the protective layer, and stick it in your shoe! See, easy peasy!

#7: Care For Your Skin

Calluses are a huge no. They only bring more harm to your feet. Thus use a pumice stone and keep your feet moisturized so that your feet stay soft and supple.

Moreover, your feet are healthy and soft when you don your favorite flats.

#8: Try Shoe Trees& Shoe Stretchers!

Tree shoes are great accessories that maintain the shape of the shoe.

However, if you run into an issue that your shoe is slightly smaller than your size, use a shoe stretcher. It will elongate and fit the shoe to your size.

Lastly, it also prevents the shoe from rubbing on your sides.

#9: Test The Flexibility Before You Buy!

An ideal comfortable women’s flats should be bendable from the middle to the toe. If your flat bends right from the heel, beware; it might not be able to provide you with the necessary support.

What Are The Most Comfortable Women’s Flats?

#1: Ballet Flats

Ballets flats are the most versatile flat types. They have little to no heels and can go with any attire and any occasion.

#2: Mules

Mules are slip-ons that usually have a pointed-toe design. They can upgrade any look, and the best part is you do not need any break-in period for mules!

Just grab a tee and a high waist, and you are good to go! Mules are the most comfortable work shoes for women!

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In A Nutshell…

Women’s essential flats are a must-have closet item. But you need to be cautious of how comfortable the flats are!

Because only looks and no comfort can render the item worthless, what’s the point of spending your money on something you will end up with sore feet in!

Thus at SolChic, we put all our efforts into making sustainable comfort footwear that is pretty to look at and keeps your pocket happy! Much like our very cute Cate Cinnamon flats.

So, till then,

Walk with Style!

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Do You Take Wholesale Orders?

Indeed, we take wholesale orders!

Are Your Shoes Comfortable?

Our mission statement is, SolChic, So Comfortable!

How Do You Make Your Shoes So Comfortable?

We use memory foam insoles and rubber outsoles that maximize comfort.

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We aim to keep you and your pocket happy!

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Have a look by yourselves!

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