Comfortable Ballet Flats Are A Good Replacement For High Heeled Shoes

Comfortable Ballet Flats

Given a choice, heels or flats, what would you choose? Well, the debate has been on for ages; which is better- the pointy heels or comfortable flats? And traditionally, the winner in most cases used to be the heels. But, the recent trends have changed. Nowadays, many ladies prefer comfortable ballet flats.

And indeed, the ballerina flats are an excellent replacement for high heels for everyday shoes. We aren’t saying that a woman should not own a pair of heels. But according to us, moderation is the only solution.

And for you to decide better, here is how comfortable ballet flats are one step ahead of high heels!

Pink ballet flats for women

How Are Comfortable Ballet Flats A Replacement For High Heels?

#1: Medical Reasons- Health Is As Important As Fashion

High heels are guilty of more than just sore feet. They have been known to be causing bunions, back pain, leg cramps, muscle spasms, etc.

High heels like needle heels and stilettoes pose an issue that most bodyweight lies on the ball of your foot and toes. Moreover, there is a change in your standing posture which means your lower leg does most of the weight-bearing. And this uneven weight distribution causes pain and discomfort.

Ballet flats for women are also not perfect for the medical health of your feet and back.

Often ballerinas do not have proper cushioning, which leads to fallen arches. But SolChic’s ballerina shoes for women provide you with memory foam insoles that protect your heel, Achilles tendon, and toes.

They are safe for even ladies with flat feet.

#2: Variety In Styles- The Number Of Options Is Endless

Actresses of many TV series in the 1950s could be spotted wearing heels even if going out to shop! But that was the culture then. Heels were a must-have if you are a teacher or secretary or a similar outside job.

And a big reason for that was not-so-interesting ballet flats.

Now, there is so much variety in styles of flats available- from mules to sandals to ballet flats. Also, they are available in different colors, patterns, and materials which makes them an equally appealing option as heels.

There are so many trendy and comfortable ballet flats for teachers, too, so they do not have to endure the pain all day long.

#3: Versatility- The Wear Me With Anything Feature

Heels cannot be done away with. Well, mostly. They will still secure a place in most closets. They are great for dinner dates. But when you think of flats. There is hardly any occasion or dress that flats cannot accompany you with!

For example, they are great work shoes. You can be a waitress, nurse, salon staff, chef, teacher, business owner, or anybody else. You can pick your favourite comfortable ballet flats for work from the numerous options available. And they will keep you and your feet happy all day long.

Flats go great with any attire as well. Pair them with a sassy skirt, dress, or professional pants. They will complete the look graciously nonetheless.

SolChic’s Pink Parisian is a perfect pair for skirts and dresses. Moreover, our Tan flats for women will be your constant companions whatever you wear.

Lastly, flats are 3-season shoes. Which means you can rock them in summer, spring, or autumn. They can withstand light winters, too, when coupled with warm stockings.

Here is an excellent blog if you are curious about what to pair ballet flats with and when!

Tan flats for women

#4: History- Let’s Look Back In Time

Flats came earlier than heels. After all, heels didn’t make sense in the ice age and deserts of Egypt.

The earliest flats were found in Egypt, where the pharaohs and queens wore flats similar to modern-day flip flops. 

On the other hand, high heels first appear in 3,500 B.C. Their proper introduction can be seen in the 1500s in Europe, where royal men and women wore them. Later, in the 1800s, the Victorian Era became strongly associated with female fashion.

And finally, Stilettoes were discovered in 1954!

Gray ballet flats for women

In A Nutshell…

The answer to the whole debate is- moderation!

No doubt, comfortable ballet flats are a suitable replacement for high heels, but if one wants to don heels, it should be in moderation and not for long periods.

Also, please take proper care while choosing flats as even flats can cause fallen arches and more foot issues like blisters and corns.

Some features of comfortable flats for women are lightweight, breathable, durable, memory foam insoles or equivalent, good traction, and trendy!

At SolChic, we manufacture women’s flats with all these qualities and more! SolChic is a vegan and sustainable women’s shoe brand.

We care for your feet, your comfort, and the environment alike!

Our chic flats are made of recycled plastic bottles and other types of sustainable materials. Being made of woven polyester, they are incredibly water-resistant and dirt-resistant. So that, come rains or storm; nothing can stop you!

You can head to your workplace with confidence. And our jet black flats for women will only make you look as chic as you feel!

So, till then,

Walk with Style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shoe Type Is Best For Working Women?

According to us, ballet flats and mules are the best shoes for them.

Which Flat Type Is Most Comfortable?

Flats with proper cushioning like memory foam insoles are the most comfortable.

What Is Sustainability?

When we reuse, recycle, or reduce waste, it is sustainable.

How Are SolChic Shoes Sustainable?

We recycle waste plastic bottles, thus reducing the carbon footprint. Therefore, Sol shoes are sustainable material shoes.

Are We Available For Wholesale And Reselling?

Yes, we are available for wholesale! Check out our Seaside Blue Custom Pack (Size 6-11), Prepack A (Size 6-10), Prepack B (Size 7-11), Dropshipping (Size 6-11).

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