Tips For Buying The Best Flat Summer Shoes For Working Women

Best Flat Summer Shoes For Working Women

Summers might officially arrive on the 21stof June, but the heat has already started building up, signaling us to deck up our summer closet. And on the other hand, whether glad or not, office commute is finally back. Even if you are going to the office for as little as two days, the cute furry slippers surely need their replacements with something equally comfy. These are legit reasons to buy some tremendous flat summer shoes for working women!

But wait! Any women’s footwear cannot be an ideal workplace sole-mate for you! You need something that can support you the whole day, whether meeting clients on a construction site or running on your feet the entire day at a restaurant, hospital, or salon. Or maybe even doing a desk job, for that matter.

There is a perfect shoe out there waiting for you! Let’s dig out how you, too, can find it.

Tips For Buying The Best Flat Summer Shoes For Working Women

#1: Think About The Running And Walking You Do

There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to choosing women’s work shoes. Research shows that many US ladies are experiencing foot and calf pain due to extended periods of standing. And these symptoms only worsen over time.

There are no hard feelings against high heels, but we believe moderation is key here. You can save them for specific occasions but not for the everyday hustle.

Try to be as anatomically and orthopedically flat as possible with everyday shoes. Why? Because your feet undergo a roll-through movement while walking. This movement is best accommodated in a flat shoe as the weight distribution between the arch of the foot and metatarsal bones is proper.

Thus, consider summer flats for women as your favourite office shoes this season. Go for it, and thank us later! And why not start your search by checking out the beautiful SolChic’s Safari Tan and Blue flats for women?

Summer flats for women

#2: Consider The Demands Of Your Specific Profession

Another very practical piece of advice is to consider your profession. Every profession has its unique demands. A business owner has to meet clients, check the warehouse, oversee the shipping, etc., and be on her feet all day long.

A hospital nurse has to run around all day too! Same ways for a waitress and so many other women. While an office clerk has relatively fewer movement demands. 

Therefore, the shoe requirements for each of them are different too!

Professional mules are excellent footwear for a business woman. At the same time, ladies’ ballet flats are a perfect choice for nurses and waitresses.

SolChic’s Neutral and Black Raffia mules are superb specimens of what a confident and headstrong businesswoman can like.

What’s more, all SolChic women’s shoes are dirt-resistant and water-resistant, so there is no bar on how tough you can use them!

Recycled shoes for women

#3: The Ideal Shoe Has Excellent Cushioning And Good Traction

As a person responsible for your foot health, make an effort to find comfortable flats for women, such as those with supportive insoles and good traction outsoles.

However, may your foot arch be, low, high, or standard, good cushioning will go a long way in keeping your feet healthy and happy.

Read here for more information about which shoes to choose for different foot types.

Also, slip and fall accidents at the workplace are a bigger issue than you could have imagined. Thus, good traction cannot be compromised on women’s work shoes!

#4: Also, Look For Flexibility

If you fold the shoe from the toe and heel and it bends to form a ‘V-shape,’ then the shoe is ideally flexible.

The flexibility of the sole will ensure that the shoe bends with your feet to maximize comfort.

#5: Look Out For Fabric Material

Human feet release around a shot glass equivalent of sweat every day! That calls for breathable shoes, doesn’t it?

Therefore, please choose a fabric material that is breathable and woven polyester is one of them. Many ballerina shoes for women have this quality.

#6: Is It A Vegan And Sustainable Shoe?

While we are at it, we not only have a responsibility towards our feet but our planet Earth. Every year millions of shoes get dumped in landfills, most of which take ages to disintegrate, polluting and harming the Earth along the way.

And that’s why SolChic tries to do its bit by manufacturing sustainable and vegan women’s shoes. We make our shoes from recycled plastic water bottles and other materials. These eco-friendly shoes aim to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet and help our future generations thrive better.

SolChic’s trendy and designer flats for women like the Pink Parisian flats and Globetrotter Gray are widely loved for their beautiful cause, affordable price, and ultimate comfort.

Comfortable flats for women

In A Nutshell…

Flat summer shoes are indeed the best for working women. But the pair you choose must have cushioning, good traction, breathable material, and be suitable for your work environment.

Additionally, the shoe should be such that it goes with most of your attire types and colors. Therefore try choosing a shoe in shades such as tan, black, statement shades like pink, or subtle tones such as gray.

All said and done in the end, we would like to remind you that shoes reflect your personality. So choose wisely!

And walk in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy A Shoe, Half A Size Bigger?

Yes, mostly. Because in flats, your feet roll forward 0.5 cm while walking. Also, check the size chart for more clarity.

Should I Try On Both The Shoes?

Yes. Most people have one foot larger than the other. Thus, always try both the shoes.

At What Time Of Day Should I Buy My Shoes?

Preferably evening. And it is advised to jog a little beforehand too.

What Are Sustainable Material Shoes Made Of?

Mostly they are made of waste PU or PET bottles.

What Is The Process Of Making Sustainable Shoes?

First, the bottles are cleaned and melted. Then this molten PET is turned into threads. Finally, these threads are woven into breathable fabrics.

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