Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Best Work Shoes For Women To Keep You Comfy And Stylish All Day!

What’s the first shoe you picture whenever somebody asks you about the best work shoes for women? Is it a kitten heel, a stiletto, a mule, or ballet flats…? Whatever your ideal Shoe mate be, the modern-day podiatrists and fashion experts coincidingly vote for comfortable flats for women!

Heels have long been the ideal shoe choice for corporates. And ‘comfortable heels’ like wedges and platforms have made far too many all-day-standing women end their day with sore feet.

However, the new line of thought is to wear heels in moderation and let flats takeover the workplaces! And with so many designer flats for women available in the market, you hardly have to settle for discomfort any longer.

So, let’s see what makes the perfect all-day-standing shoe.

What Makes The Ideal Work Shoes For Women?

#1: Comfort

Starting from our commute early in the day, many of us are on our feet all day long. Whether one is a waitress, chef, hairstylist, nurse, teacher, or businesswoman, we run around all day.

And while comfort is not the very first thing you look for in a shoe, it is rather imperative. It is advisable to put on the shoe and test it for a few minutes.

You would know if a shoe is made for standing all day or not within 10 seconds. If it is not comfy for 10 sec, it will not support you for the rest of the day.

Also, check that the toe box is wide enough and the shoe is lightweight and breathable. Breathability is a must-have while choosing work shoes for the summer.

work shoes for the summer

#2: Support

If your workplace is demanding, one should always opt for shoes with some arch support and cushioning.

Arch support gives your foot stability, and cushioning helps evenly distribute the pressure from the ground to all parts of your foot. Combined, they cause less strain and strain over the feet and back. 

Ideally, quality memory foam insoles are known to provide adequate support to your feet.

#3: Grip

A firm grip is essential whether you are a nurse or a waitress, for balance forms a critical part of your work.

Thus lookout for quality outsoles like rubber outsoles in flats. They are sustainable and offer a good grip.

#4: Easy To Clean

A unique feature to look out for in work shoes for nurses and restaurant workers is the ease of cleaning as they continuously deal with spills and stains.

Thus, shoes made up of recycled polyester are a great pick. They are not only more affordable than leather but also equally water-resistant and dirt-resistant. And in addition to all these plusses, they are vegan and sustainable so that you can do your bit for nature too!

#5:Quality Materials

Amongst the plethora of materials available for women’s shoes, like, canvas, leather, rubber, etc., recycled polyester or vegan leather is one of the best. It is breathable, lightweight, looks excellent, suitable for skin, and affordable.

But still, you should opt for one that you feel is better for your work type, comfort, and skin type. Otherwise, you could result in blisters, foot aches, and even harm to your gait.

#6: Confidence

Last but not least, feeling happy and confident in your goody two pair of shoes is essential. And if you are well-supported and comfortable in your shoes, you will ultimately make them your everyday shoes.

SolChic’s comfortable ballet flats, like the adorable Cate Cinnamon flats and bright Seaside Blue flats for women, embody all the above features and would soon become your everyday go-to pair of shoes!

work shoes for nurses

What Is The Deciding Factor While Choosing The Ideal Women’s Work Shoes?

Easy, comfortable insoles.

Indeed, it might seem inconsequential. But if you think about it, if any stylish shoe can accommodate good insoles, either external or in-built, it will be the ideal match for your workplace needs!

Many stylish shoes are out there, but most brands have limited power to integrate quality insoles for each foot type. If they make foot arches too high, some women might feel uncomfortable. Thus, they usually choose to keep arches low.

What’s the solution?

Thick memory foam insoles.

They are thick enough to accommodate high arches. Going further, their ‘memory’ foam takes the shape of your arch, whether low, standard, or high, and stays in it!

But as a general rule of thumb, below are a few best insoles rules:

Completely Support Your Arch Back to Front: Firm support from quality insoles prevents pronation and supports your arch.

Must Provide The Exact Fit: For the various types of arches come multiple types of insoles. But do you know, every arch is unique! But it is impossible to produce an exact insole for every arch. And this is where the actual utility of memory foam insoles resides. They memorize the exact arch shape!

Have A Deep Heel Cup: This is pivotal because a deep heel cup absorbs shock effectively, improves balance, adds to foot stability, and increases overall comfort.

If you want to know more about benefits and debunk popular myths about insoles, here is an excellent resource for the same.

In A Nutshell…

It is possible to balance both style and comfort at your office or workplace, given you take care of the above points. Comfort, along with fashion, is a practical approach and will be beneficial in the long term.

But, Where To Buy Good Work Shoes?

However, there are many brands comfortably, but SolChic has crafted a niche amongst itself by balancing many factors like sustainability, comfort, versatility, style, and most importantly, affordability!

We manufacture top-notch comfort footwear, including ballet flats, mules, and sandals- all with the best quality memory foam insoles. All our products are vegan and sustainable while being exceptionally affordable!

Our basic designs are very versatile and will soon become your go-to footwear! Look at our Globetrotter Gray flats and Safari Tan Flats for women!

Try Solchic! Psst… Love them too much? We also take wholesale orders. Check out our Safari Tan Custom Pack (6-11), Dropshipping (Size 6-11), Prepack A (Size 6-10), Prepack B (Size 7-11).

Safari tan flats

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Are The Best Work Shoes For Restaurants?

Ballet Flats and Sandals are the best work shoes for restaurants.

What Are The Best Work Shoes For Kitchen?

Ballerina flats are the best kitchen shoes so far!

Can I Use Sol Shoes For Travel?

Indeed, they are super comfy and ideal travel shoes.

Are Chic Shoes Environmentally Safe?

Our eco-friendly shoes aim to reduce the carbon footprint in whatever best way they can.

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