Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Women's Nursing Shoes

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You are on your feet every day, taking care of people. It is a demanding and hectic job, and good women's nursing shoes play a significant role in helping one through the day. You need not have a sore foot when you have just been back from a whole day of taking of everybody.

And neither do you need to break the bank for this essential requirement.

SolChic's Women's Nursing Shoes

SolChic's professional nursing shoes come at a very affordable cost and will definitely exceed your comfort, friction, and versatility expectations. You can use Sol shoes out of your workplace too, be it the supermarket, evening get-togethers, travel, dog walking, running, and whatnot.

What's more, SolChic is a sustainable and vegan shoe company. All our shoes are made of recycled waste plastic water bottles. We clean these bottles, melt them and convert them into a thread used to make recycled woven polyester. This fabric and a few other sustainable materials form the incredible Sol shoe!

A Sol shoe has all the qualities of an ideal nursing shoe. Let's have a look at them.

Qualities Of An Ideal Nursing Shoe

#1: Water-Resistant & Dirt-Resistant

What if drug spills on your shoe and the stains decide never to leave it? Thus your shoes must be water-resistant and dirt-resistant.

#2: Breathability

Our feet secretes a shot glass equalling sweat on an average summer day. Woven polyester has the required breathability to wick out all the moisture.

#3: Cushioning And Friction

Sol shoes have memory foam insoles for optimum cushioning, even for flat feet. Also, they have rubber outsoles that ensure good friction and safety on mopped floors.

#4: Versatility

Your favourite nursing sandals must be able to serve as everyday shoes and go with any dress. Our classic black nursing shoes and the trendy cate cinnamon flats are ideal for work and parties alike.

Solchic So Comfortable!
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