What Are The Trendy Footwear Fashion For Women?

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The latest trendy footwear fashion for women is as varied as the fashion trends this year. The runway was flashing with colors and embellishments. However, the core idea still revolved around comfort, which is good news as society is accepting more practical fashion and doing away with the unnecessary discomfort.

You can sport these new footwear trends with the flashy colors of your midi dress or put your best foot forward in your jeans.

But what are these new trends we have been discussing for this long?

So, let's start our blog about the various trendy footwear fashion you must collect in your wardrobes this year!

The Trendy Footwear Fashion For Women 2022

#1:Colorful Shoes: Sprinkle A Bit Of Color

Black has long been the stylist's favorite. But not anymore.

2022 belongs to the "Dopamine dressing." The new way of dressing had this year's runways filled with bright colors in dressing and footwear.

Models walked the runways in brightly colored clothes and footwear. Embellishments also got the focus in many designs.

All top brand designers embraced the joy of dressing and the happiness a colorful brings to our hearts.

If you, too, are a fan of colored footwear, check out SolChic's Parisian pink flats and Seaside blue ballet flats. By the way, did you know VeriPeri, a shade close to our Seaside Blue, is the Pantone Color of the Year 2022?

Blue ballet flats

#2: Embrace Sporty Vibes With Sandals

As we said, 2022 will again be a year of comfortable fashion. And the love for the comfy sandals is not going anywhere. As also spotted on the runways this year were sporty sandals.

Sandals are here to stay for the Summer of 2022!

Chunky soles, comfy fabrics, and functional velcro straps. These beauties balance style and comfort- two key elements women search for in our shoes. Undoubtedly, they are a dream come true.

The abundant designer sporty sandals mean there is no shortage of options, and you can take these sandals anywhere to the mall, parties, get-togethers, you name it.

Also, these casual shoes are mostly water-resistant and make ideal travel shoes!

Pair them with sleek neutrals and tailored trousers for an office-ready look.

#3: The Timeless Look Of Ballet Flats Is Back In Vogue

Another comfortable fashion trend stalwart shoe is the ballet flats or ballerinas.

Yes, coming back from the nineties are the classic ballet pumps. Sitting opposite the popular heels, ballet flats are finally back in vogue.

They are no more just flats. They are now a trending footwear style.

Evergreen and chic, they are versatility tested to their extremes. You can pair them with a dress, skirt, or pants and wear them at offices, parties, and supermarkets- however and wherever you wish!

But when styling ballerinas, going minimalistic or with small details like cut fabric and ribbons is the key in 2022.

Ballet flats are the epitome of comfort. Slip into them, and they will take you back to when your office was your couch and formal footwear, your slippers!

The best part is that they are so comfy that they are ideal for women on their feet all day. Nurses, teachers, and kitchen and restaurant workers all stand the entire day, and comfort supersedes every other factor for them- ballerinas provide just that.

Plus, as we just that, they are no more just flats. They are a trending footwear style now!

#4: More From The 90s- The Mules Are Back!

Mules are another 90s entry that has been home in our wardrobes for a few seasons. And they have not gone back in 2022 either.

Mules with a pointy toe are especially in. Playful colors and low to mid-heel are other styles taking on the fashion world by storm.

Mules are popular as a slip-on as their primary characteristic is no fastenings at the back of the heel.

And thus, mules, predominantly flat mules, keep you as comfy as slippers.

These trendy women’s shoes are again a versatile affair. Mules can pair with any dress, pants, midis, or skirt. Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a huge mule patron? She could often be spotted wearing her midis or flared skirts with mules.

Mules are more suited for business and office purposes and as casual shoes. But certainly, it is not the shoe for nurses and waitresses.

If you are looking for mules, check out the timeless SolChic's Neutral and Black Raffia mules!

Black Raffia mules

How Comfortable Are Your Pretty Trendy Flats?

The common predicament portrays heels as the uncomfortable villains and flats as the foot saviors. But how true is that?

Heels no doubt put a lot of stress on your ball of foot and toes, which might lead to as severe a problem as the Achilles tendon. But flats without appropriate cushioning are also not very good for your health either.

And the sad truth is that most flats do not provide adequate cushioning! The reason is partly that most gel insoles depend on foot arch type- standard, high, or low. A gel insole made for a high arch cannot support a low arch.

So, is there a solution?

Memory Foam insoles!

Memory foam insoles are a relatively new technology that takes the shape of your foot, regardless of your arch type. Abra-ca-dabra problem solved!

comfortable casual shoes

Why Choose SolChic For Your Footwear Needs? 

SolChic is a sustainable and vegan footwear and handbag manufacturing company. We use recycled water bottles and other materials to make our products- mules, sandals, ballet flats, and handbags.

Our eco-friendly shoes use rPET fabric and bring you a rare stylish experience combined with comfort!

Some of the most prominent features of SolChic shoes are:

Lightweight Breathable
Water-Resistant Dirt-Resistant
Stylish Comfortable
Versatile Very Affordable
 Sustainable Vegan

Note: Interested in becoming a SolChic reseller? We are open for wholesale orders at very attractive rates. Check out our Cate Cinnamon Custom Pack (6-11), Dropshipping (Size 6-11), Prepack A (Size 6-10), Prepack B (Size 7-11).

Cate Cinnamon Womens Flats

In A Nutshell…

Ladies love to stay fashionable and also comfortable!

While that was a struggle until now. But no more!

The biggest footwear trends of 2022 advocate comfort. And the comeback of shoes like sandals and ballet flats further supports the fact.

And according to experts, comfort fashion is here to stay because it makes complete sense. While we are not doing away with heels but normalizing flats. Flats are a very practical shoe and a shoetastic partner for busy days!

We hope you liked knowing the four biggest comfort fashion trends of 2022.

So till then,

Walk in Style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Most Popular Shoe?

It depends. But choose a shoe that is comfortable to walk and work in.

What Is Dopamine Dressing?

Dopamine dressing is full of colors and instantly lifts your mood, giving you the joy of dressing up. 

Is Comfort Fashion Here To Stay?

Among the many disruptions of COVID-19, the biggest in the fashion industry is comfort fashion. And we believe it won’t go anywhere.

Which Shoes Are The Biggest Advocates Of Comfort Fashion?

Shoes like ballet flats, flat mules, and sandals are the best comfort fashion examples.

Are SolChic shoes comfy?

Sol shoes are very comfortable. That's why we say, Solchic, So Comfortable!

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