Best Travel Shoes For Women: How To Choose The Most Trendy And Comfortable Ones?

Best Travel Shoes For Women

Travel is love! But my travel packing starts with a conflict- which shoes to pack? Choosing the best travel shoes for women is a tough decision.

What's more, if not done right, wrong shoes have ruined my travels more than once! And I have learned this the hard way, that comfort supersedes all!

And for many, traveling is best done on foot! After all, what's better than exploring a city by sightseeing on foot?

You need shoes that you can walk in the whole day! And luckily, there are so many brands making stylish yet comfortable walking shoes for women these days.

So, let's go into the details and see how to choose the trendiest and most comfortable travel shoes for women!

comfortable walking shoes for women

How To Choose The Best Travel Shoes For Women?

Well, the key to good travel packing is to take fewer shoes. Choose one primary shoe that does most of your jobs and pack one or two other shoes. Consider the below points to narrow down your choice from your whole closet to that ideal travel partner!

#1: Consider The Weather Types You Will Encounter On Trip

Check the weather two days before packing your stuff. If it's sunny, pack ballet flat shoes or sandals. And if it's going to be rainy, then otherwise!

A quick reminder, warmer climates can also be quite chilly during the early mornings and light nights. So, pack warm stockings along with your flats. This saves the space and looks great!

#2: Understand Your Itinerary Requirements

Is your itinerary taking you to old city cobblestone streets? Or hiking? Or to the wineries and farmlands? Or the parties?

Choose your primary shoe such that it can accommodate most of the activities.

For example, the best walking shoes for travel if you are planning an old city or winery experience are cute flat shoes!

And even if you are on a business trip, I feel that ladies' flat shoes like SolChic Black Raffia mule are the best business shoes for women! You can ditch the high heels in the most formal events too!

#3: Insoles Are Important

Insoles play an essential role, especially in flat shoes for women. Without quality insoles, any shoe would hurt after some time.

The better the insoles, the more the comfort!

Also, each foot is unique, and insoles provide the much-required support.

Therefore every SolChic shoe comes with a memory foam insole and rubber outsole.

#4: Understand Your Arch

Like every finger print, every foot is unique. And to keep our feet comfortable, we need to understand the foot arch.

The foot arch is responsible for distributing your body weight evenly throughout the foot. There are three types of arches- flat (low), medium (normal), and high.

Flat and high feet people face difficulties in terms of feet stress management. Women with flat feet feel their feet coiling inwards while high arched ladies feel the opposite.

Coming back to the topic of travel shoes, vacations mean walking, and you need to get this arch thing right. And here is the solution.

Flats are the best shoes for flat feet! With necessary insoles and outsoles, they are the perfect partners to flat feet.

And if you want to know more about choosing a perfectly comfortable walking shoe. Here is the complete how-to guide on it!

#5: Give The Material A Thought

You do not want to sweat in your shoes and invite blisters and other foot issues while having fun on your trip. Do you?

Best travel shoes are those that are made of breathable materials.

Indeed, you can go for the most stylish shoes for women, but if they are not of good quality, no good going for them. Many of us have $10 cute shoes in our closets, which are undoubtedly good for the city. But not for the trips!

#6: Choose Your Shoes According To The Color Palette

Yes, here is the pro tip to look your best with the least packing. Have a look at the clothes you are going to wear. Now think about which shoe color matches your clothes' color palette.

Well, if you are easy-going; black, brown, and beige shoes usually solve the problem. But do the drill if you are picky!

But trust me, Comfortable black shoes for women are indeed such a savior! One usually ends up with one of them.

#7: Don't Trust Your New Shoes

Don’t do this mistake! Try not to go shopping the day before the vacation.

Even the most comfortable shoes can cause blisters when you wear them the first couple of times. Thus, break into them.

Wear your favourite chic flats a couple of weeks before your trip to stay safe.

comfortable business casual shoes for women

Which Shoes To Take For A Business Trip?

It's no secret. Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase. But the solution is to go for comfortable business casual shoes for women.

You can wear them at the airport and on your business trip. Professional flat shoes are an excellent way to deal with the problem.

They are comfy, stylish, and formal-causal, all simultaneously!

There has been a sudden rise in the availability of comfortable office shoes for women. And a testimony to the same is our flat work shoes, seaside blue flats.

They make great business shoes for women, and you can easily wear them to your workplace even after the vacation.

best walking shoes for travel

In A Nutshell…


Flats like mules, ballet flats, sandals, etc., make for the best women's walking shoes for travel. They are comfortable and stylish. You can choose from the many fancy flat shoes available in the market.

The core idea is to focus on comfort and versatility.

Comfort to walk miles in the shoes. And versatility such that you can pair them with any outfit, for any activity, during the vacation and after it!

An ideal shoe is not just a stylish travel shoe but can double up as a women’s work shoe too!

Sol Shoes are born out of this very idea! While we make sustainable and vegan shoes for women. We have also given a lot of emphasis on utility!

They are not just any cute walking shoes. They are our very comfortable, stylish shoes for women!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Qualities Should I Look For In The Best Travel Shoes For Women?

It's easy. Comfort, style, & versatility!

Are Your Shoes Sustainable?

Definitely! We make recycled shoes. That is, our shoes are made up of recycled plastic bottles.

Are The Shoes Vegan?

Yes, they are! They do not use any animal-derived products. Nor any product tested on animals.

Do You Take Wholesale Orders?

Indeed we do! Bring it on!

Are SolChic Shoes Trendy?

We make the best trendy women's shoes. Don't believe it? Check out our Chic Shoes Store!


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