Easy Vegan Shoe Care Tips And Cleaning Home Remedies!

Vegan Shoe Care Tips

Vegan shoes symbolize a new, more healthy, and aware lifestyle. And the change can be felt by the fact that the vegan footwear industry was estimated at around US$24.86 Billion in 2020 and will grow at 7.2% between 2020 and 2030. Also, vegan shoes are very durable and can last you years when taken care of properly. Thus here are some vegan shoe care tips and cleaning home remedies!

We believe planet Earth and animals, too, need their saviors. And going sustainable and vegan are two ways to achieve these goals.

At SolChic, we regard these as the core ideologies that drive us day in and reflect in our operations and product range. For example, our very cute neutral raffia mules check both the boxes while being very versatile and comfortable women's shoes!

Home Remedies For Cleaning Vegan Sustainable Shoes

Home Remedies For Cleaning Vegan Sustainable Shoes?

#1: How To Clean Cork Shoes?

Cork is an easy-to-clean vegan material and is best cleaned with hands.

The process is very straightforward. Take a dry cloth and rub away any dirt or dried mud. Once the excess dirt is off, take a damp cloth and rub your shoe with it.

Remember, there is no need for soap. All you need to do is rub the cork in small circles, and whoosh, your pretty stylish shoes would be wiped clean and shiny!

Natural cork is real low maintenance as it does not even need a polishing cream. Wiping in small circles is all it takes. After that, air dry your shoes, and they will be ready and waiting to be taken out for a party.

#2: How To Clean Cotton Shoes?

Do you know shoes made of cotton are not only vegan but sustainable shoes?

Cotton ballet flats are perfect walking shoes for long beach walks. But they do tend to stick unsightly sea sand to them.

But worry, not these eco-friendly shoes are cleanliness-friendly too!

All you need to do is, take lukewarm water, add little dish soap, and brush it with a soft bristle brush.

And in case they get stained, brush in small circular motions as we have done with every other shoe on this list.

A thing to note here is you do not need polishing cream here. Also, do not pour too much water as cotton's colors tend to fade with every wash.

#3: What Is The Process Of Cleaning Vegan Leather Shoes?

Vegan leather is usually made of Polyurethane (PU) or Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).

Unlike natural leather, vegan or faux leather does not have any pores. Thus, as opposed to genuine leather, you can clean vegan leather shoes with water and a damp cloth. No pores mean no water will seep through it, and no damage would be done.

To clean these vegan shoes, just take a damp cloth dipped in soapy water and wipe them. But leather being leather, stays happier if you apply some polishing cream. Take caution to use a cream that is either colorless or the shoe's color.

Also, dry your shoes perfectly, at least for a day before you step out of the house.

#4: How To Clean Microsuede Shoes?

Microsuede is a less demanding foot partner than a suede one.

To clean a microsuede shoe, take a clean wet cloth, rub it against some soap, and rub away all the stains, mud, and dirt with the same circular motion.

#5: Cleaning Recycled Plastic Shoes

Recycled plastic shoes or just recycled shoes are other examples of sustainable shoes.

But you might think, how are these recycled shoes sustainable?

The three Rs- Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse- are part of sustainability. Therefore these shoes made from recycled material like recycled waste plastic bottles are sustainable!

SolChic's very popular model Pink Parisian ballet flats are made of recycled plastic bottles. Being plastic, they are dirt-resistant and water-resistant shoes too!

But how do you clean them?

First of all, brush dry mud away. Then grab a lightly colored dish soap or plain soap bar with a damp cloth.

Now, use this damp cloth to rub some soap into the shoe. Use our already perfected circular motions for stain removal.

You can also take the help of a soft bristle brush if you encounter any stubborn stains.

Lastly, rub some polishing cream onto them, and you will get a shoe shining as if new!

recycled shoes

General Vegan Shoe Care Tips

#1: Surface Dirt

One rule when it comes to shoe care and surface dirt is to remove it as soon as possible.

It is easy to remove dirt from even micro-suede, patent, and matte women's shoes if you remove it early, i.e., before setting in.

You can use a damp cloth, microfiber preferably, or wet wipes.

#2: Stains

What if you spill coffee on your new office shoes?

Well, the key is to act fast. Pat dry your shoes with a paper towel before the stain sets in. You can also sprinkle salt over the wet stain.

But what if you get a dry coffee stain? Well, worry not. Just clean the shoe with a soft brush.

Next up is the scenario where your favorite most comfortable travel shoes get a grease stain. To eliminate this stubborn stain, mix equal parts of vinegar/ethyl alcohol with water and rub with a damp cloth. Repeat until the stain goes.

If it's faux leather shoes, apply little coconut oil to get the perfect off-the-shelf shine!

#3: Scuffs

Last but not least, what if your most trendy work shoes get scuffed a little? What a mess would that be, right?

Scuffs are more common than we think. But whenever they do happen, use water-based paint rather than spirit-based type.

The process goes like this, take a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water and scrub in small circular motions. Next, apply a spot cleaner to remove the scuff nicely.

Next, apply paint on the scuffed area. Two coats are enough for even the badly scuffed shoes. And if the final color is uneven, make a solution coat on the entire shoe. Finally, apply little coconut oil to finish the process.

eco-friendly shoes

In A Nutshell…

Veganism is more than a concept. It is an emotion. At SolChic, we try to make everything from mules to handbags to flats sustainable and vegan. Moreover, we put a lot of emphasis on making comfortable shoes. Even our mission is SolChic, So Comfortable!

These women's shoes are made for working all day long. You can walk miles, and you won't ever feel an ounce of pain in your feet.

Our trendy seaside blue ballet flats make for awesome standing shoes, and they are excellent for standing all day long or going to the mall or supermarket, or even Church!

Therefore, the next time you want a versatile, comfortable, and trendy sustainable shoe, you know where to find it! What's best, we take wholesale orders too! Please take a look at our wholesaler handbook for more profound knowledge.

So, till then,

Walk with style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Important To Air Dry Shoes Before Using Them?

Because, otherwise, they will attract too much dirt, and there would be no point in cleaning them.

Why Should I Choose Light-Colored Soap Or Plain Soap?

This detail is essential as otherwise, the soap might leave its color on the shoe!

What Are The Best Qualities Of SolChic Shoes?

They are all-rounders. They are trendy, comfy, versatile, sustainable, and vegan!

How Are Sol Shoes Vegan And Sustainable?

Sol Shoes are made from waste plastic bottles, a sustainable method that is not animal-sourced.

What Are The Various Sustainable Options From SolChic?

Our entire range of flats, mules, sandals, and handbags is sustainable and vegan! Check out our retail page to know more!

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