The Top 3 Most Comfortable Work Shoes For Women To Buy for Office

Comfortable Work Shoes For Women

When it comes to work shoes, balancing comfort with style is the key! Nobody wants to look fugly at work. Nor does anybody wants to go through foot blisters and back pain due to the running around at the office and while commuting. Which makes comfortable work shoes for women a must.

However, it isn’t hard to find this rare combination of style and comfort in one shoe! And that is precisely what this post is all about. Yes, the most comfortable work shoes for women that look good and are comfy too.

So, without much ado, here are our top 3 must-have-in-closet comfortable shoes for work. And later we have a buyer’s guide on choosing the perfect women’s work shoes!

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Our Top 3 Comfort Picks!

#1: Ballet Flats

The comfortable flats are the best shoes for standing all day!

Ballerina flats need no introduction. They are one of the most popular flats in the market, and these cute shoes are a favorite of many working women!

They are so comfy that they fit your feet like gloves on your hand. And the best part is, the fit gets better with every wear.

Next, these exude a gorgeous feminine look. And they are a shoe that you don’t need a second thought before you actually wear them and are off to your office. If you have a perfect pair of ballet flats in your closet, you can easily wear them anywhere and everywhere.

They are also the best formal shoes for women as they are so comfy, available in chic designs, and cause absolutely no pain!

#2: The Mighty Mules

Mules are one of the best women’s office shoes.

Mules come in many varieties, minimal, intricately decorated, small-heeled, thin blocked heel, flat, etc.

They are slip-on shoes with no constraint at the back of the heel. Their brothers with wooden soles are fondly called clogs.

But the part that makes them the best business casual shoes for women is their versatility.

Pair them with high waist pants and a blouse. They look great! Or don them with pencil skirts or midi dresses. And that is a homerun too!

SolChic’s black work shoes- the Jet Black Raffia Mules are ideal for flaunting your beautiful feet with your work attire. They are beautiful recycled shoes as the raffia is made of threads from waste plastic bottles.

comfortable office shoes for women

#3: Sandals

Sandals are shoes with usually thick soles and straps that hold the feet with the shoe. 

They are comfy, pretty, and available in so many varieties that they cover the whole spectrum from the ideal nursing shoes for women to the best walking shoes for travel!

How To Choose The Most Comfortable Work Shoes For Women?

Check off the below attributes to ensure that the shoe you are choosing comes clean on your expectations.

#1: Comfort

Well, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to comfort. Every girl would has different needs.

But to name a few, comfortable working shoes need to be checked for tightness, especially in the toe box, irritable spots, and other issues that could tarnish your new shoe experience.

#2: Design

One cannot let go off of style. A non-pretty shoe seldom comes out of the closet to see the day’s sunshine.

Especially when it comes to office shoes, you cannot afford to look frumpy. Looking smart at your workplace is a prerequisite you cannot compromise on!

But, in addition to the style, the shoe must have an excellent grip to facilitate you to wear it for long hours without any issue.

#3: Arch Support

You shoe might be a very trendy shoe, but without proper arch support, you might suffer from paining feet and back, especially if you have to wear the shoe for long hours.

Workplace shoes or travel shoes need to match your arch. And did you know there are three arch types- low, normal, and high? If the shoe shape does not match your arch style, even the most expensive comfortable shoe might not cut the basic requiremnent—comfort.

#4: Cushion

Trendy shoes for women make it a point to use quality insoles and soles. There is no direct relation between the height of the sole and comfort, but instead, there is a relation with the quality.

Fat soles often tend to get uncomfortable after some time. But the right ones don’t.

SolChic uses memory foam insoles and rubber outsoles to maximize comfort through quality cushioning!

#5: Breathability

Nobody likes sweaty feet, and that’s why women’s shoes need to be breathable.

After long hours of working or walking, your feet can get sweaty and be prone to blisters and other infections.

Thus, the shoes should use light, breathable materials like cotton or woven polyester that are tough too. This ensures there is breathability as well as durability.

#6: Lightweight

This is an essential feature to check on the checklist for buying the best women’s flats.

It allows you to walk freely while maintaining foot stability.

Also, in addition to these six factors, some other factors to consider are whether they are water-resistant shoes, how the friction is, the heel type and height, traction, etc.

Also, here is an excellent resource if you want to deep dive into choosing a comfortable shoe.

SolChic’s Safari Tan flats weigh hardly anything, have proper cushioning, are very breathable, water-resistant, and comfortable.


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In A Nutshell…

Choosing the right work shoe is essential because otherwise you will feel grumpy the whole day as your shoes will be hurting you! Thus opt for comfortable shoes that help you concentrate on more critical functions and be happier.

Thus, striking a balance between chic shoes and comfy shoes and feel confident with your footwear choice.

SolChic manufactures comfortable yet chic shoes that have proper arch support, cushioning, breathability, lightweight, traction, and dirt and water-resistant. And to top it all they are sustainable and vegan shoes.

So, till then,

Walk With Style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Memory Foam Insoles Good?

Indeed, they are. They reduce stress on your feet and help you use them for more extended periods.

When Divided, Should I Go For A Smaller Or Bigger Shoe?

Generally, go for the bigger shoe. They give you extra room, and you can always place inserts inside them.

Are Expensive Shoes Always The Most Comfortable?

No, these two do not equate! SolChic shoes are made comfortable while available at half the cost of other brands.

Do You Take Wholesale Orders?

Yes, we do take wholesale orders!

Are Sol Shoes Trendy?

Please have a look at our shop page and see for yourself.

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