5 Tips To Buy Your Ideal Comfortable Lifestyle Shoes For Women!

5 Tips To Buy Your Ideal Comfortable Lifestyle Shoes For Women!

How many times have you ended up feeling remorse about the shoes you bought as they left you with only corns, blisters, or simply sore feet! With so many brands manufacturing lifestyle shoes for women, buyer remorse has become commonplace.

But that need not be your story!

Below are five tips for landing you your ideal shoe pair that is comfortable yet stylish! For in the modern fashion world, you do not have to choose one, you can easily have both!

5 Tips To Choose The Ideal Comfortable Lifestyle Shoes!

#1: Comfort Matters

An uncomfortable shoe not only hurts your feet but also dampens your mood. And with so many fashionable yet comfortable work shoes available in the market, you really need not compromise.

Shoes like SolChic's Raffia mules, when paired with pants, give a great work-ready look along with day-long comfort.

However, it happens, we find a shoe that looks just out of our dreams, but alas doesn't fit well! We suggest, try giving it up for the sake of comfort. Because maybe you won't wear it much either way.

#2: Try Stepping Into The Shoes

What I mean is, try walking a few steps in the shoe.

If the shoe fits, go for it!If it doesn't, consider leaving it! What's a shoe that you can't walk in?

#3: Find Your Exact Size

Numerous brands are manufacturing women footwear. And though they say that specific footwear is of size 8, it doesn't necessarily mean it will fit you.

There is a slight fluctuation between sizes when it comes to various brands. Thus, always find the right size by trying at least three sizes. One that you intend to buy, one just smaller, and the other just bigger.

This strategy will help you find your ideal pair of shoes.

Capetown neutral women shoes

#4: Take The Arch Of Your Foot Into Consideration

Another factor why a shoe might not be your idealsolemateis the arch of your foot!

Some people have high-arched feet, others have flat-arched. Arch plays an essential role in finding you the right women shoes. If you have high-arched feet, it opens the doors for both heeled and flat shoes.

But if you have flat-arched feet, consider opting for flats and platform sandals. They will give you better comfort

In A Nutshell…

Comfort is king! You don't give comfort it's due weightage, you kind of compromise on happy feet!

Another thing to keep in mind while buying lifestyle shoes for women is the 'New Normal.'

With the changing scenarios, the utility of shoes has also changed. Now women and even men use footwear less to wear inside the office but commuting, running errands, walks, etc.

SolChic makes footwear that is sustainable, trendy, comfy, and versatile! What else does anybody want?

A trendy shoe that does not harm the environment or your feet while giving you confidence is the need of the hour, and we have tried to fulfill it!

So, check our range of sustainable shoes. 

And till then,

Keep walking With Style!

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