The Perfect Galentine's Day Gift And Celebration Ideas For A Memorable Day!

Solchic Galentine's Day Gift

All hail Leslie Knope! Yeah, indeed, all thanks to her, February, the month of love, is now not restricted to only romantic love and couples! As she introduced this concept of Galentines, and now, it's official! Galentine's day is the official girls' gang day! More power to us!

February is the month of love. But nobody said it was the month of only romantic love! So, while cupid is working overtime shooting its arrows on love birds, we girls need to celebrate our girl gang too!

Our partners are our strength and fellows in all the highs and lows, but to whom do you complain when they don't? So, OK! Your partner is your heartbeat, but your girl gang is what supports you and your heartbeat every hour, day, and year!

So, here we present all the inspiration you need to celebrate your Galentine's day!

All the info we present here is comfort-oriented as at SolChic; we believe in comfort wear to keep your love comfortable. When accompanied by style, we believe comfort can open the doors to anybody's heart. Moreover, when love is in the air, we also use this opportunity to celebrate our love towards our planet Blue by going sustainable!

So, if you are looking for a fabulous Galentine's day gift, check our range of flats, handbags, and mules, especially the Neutral Raffia Mule! They are comfy, and your girl would never want to take them off!

We in no way have forgotten Valentine's Day. So, you can use these gift and celebration ideas to woo your girl on Valentine's too!

So, let's start! But wait a minute, let us first get a background of Galentine's Day. Though, if you already know about it, you can proceed directly to the celebration ideas!

The Story Behind Galentine's Day!

We all know about Valentine's Day, but the Galentine story is also really cute!

It all started in 2010, with the release of the second season of Parks And Recreation. A fictional character in the series, Leslie Knope, said the following lines in an episode named "Galentine's Day."

"Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies."

Leslie and a handful of her closest gal buddies collect for a brunch of waffles and lots of love in this episode!

This episode went on air, and the rest is history. Galentine's day today is a celebration of girl friendships. It honors the girl community. It became such a hit because there was a total void when it came to honoring and cherishing the bond of friendship amongst women.

And what better day to celebrate this love than just before Valentine's. Because, as we say, Ladies first!

SolChic Parisian Pink Galentines Day Gift for Women

Galentine's Day Ideas For A Memorable Celebration!

Our life is nothing but a collection of our memories. So, why not make merry memories and a lot of them!

#1: Go Classic

Pay tribute to Leslie Knope! Host a waffle brunch. You can also splurge on heart-shaped pies and celebrate love. Many eateries and bakeries launch unique heart-shaped desserts, pizzas, and pies around these dates!

What To Wear

Since you are going classic, you can go cliché too. There is nothing wrong with keeping a theme of red, pink, and even white!

You can accompany your cute dress with SolChic's chic, Parisian Pink Flats to create an angelic look! Those goody-two-shoes indeed will make you feel cute.

#2: A Slumber Party & A Rom-Com Movie

A backyard setup with scattered fairy lights, some mattresses, and balloons is perfect for a ladies' slumber party. Arrange for hot chocolate or wine bottles, whatever suits your gang, and munch on pizzas while you watch your group's favorite Rom-Com.

Trust me, watching the movie while chit-chatting and pausing for in-between gossip is a perfect Galentine's celebration idea!

What To Wear

Bring out your favorite, most quirky pajama set and don it with your favorite fuzzy slippers, and rock the night with a casual jacket to keep the cold out!

#3: Gossip Away A Mani/Pedi Night

Though there is nothing wrong with taking your party to a salon, self-love with your girl party at home is another level of fun! You can actually sit next to each other and talk your hearts out at home.

Choose any convenient time, maybe evening, arrange a high tea, a couple of gel manicure sets, tubs of soapy, foamy warm water, and you are good to go!

What To Wear

You can keep skirts or dresses as the code because that makes dipping your feet in water easier. Also, skirts and dresses exude that feminine feeling we are celebrating on Galentines!

Raffia Mule - Neutral-Galentine's Day Gift

The Top Galentine's Day Gift Ideas

While gifting something to your girl, we recommend gifting something she will use often! So that, everytime she uses it, it reminds her of you! And if it is pretty too, why not!

But finding that perfect gift is difficult! Psst… SolChic makes your search easier! Our shoes and handbags rock it at utility, comfort, and fashion! Plus they are very affordable!

Check out our range of cute Galentine's day gifts! And as we said, Sol shoes also make for great Valentine's Day gifts.

#1: Flats

Ballet flats are by far the most comfortable shoes ever made for women. They are versatile and can be worn on any occasion and attire.

And for the same reasons, it makes perfect sense to gift your gal a pair of chic flats!

#2: Mules

Keeping the comfort theme in mind, mules are another trendy shoes that go well with many attires. They are one of the best work shoes for women too!

So, if you want to be her luck at the office, give her a pretty pair of mules. By the way, SolChic's mules look great at the parties too! Thus making them the best Valentine's day gift for her!

#3: Handbags

A lady can never have enough handbags! But there is always one that she takes everywhere. And I guess the magical features of that bag are the correct number and size pockets, it's her go-to style and matches most attires, and lastly, it is so easy and comfy to carry!

SolChic's Safari Tan Tote Bag is a beautifully made sustainable bag with the right pockets and a lightweight design that would go with almost any attire! You would simply fall in love with the vibrant yet sobre leopard print!

Cute Galentines Day Gifts

In A Nutshell…

Gift ideas that align with comfort and style are always a hit! You won't ever repent spending your hard-earned money on a gift that your girl will often use.

Gifts strengthen bonds and make for great memories. They touch the person and hold a special place in their hearts. Genuinely, there is nothing better than a thoughtful gift!

At SolChic, we believe that love binds us all people, animals, and the planet. Thus, while we are expressing love to our close ones this Valentine's and Galentine's day, let's not forget our planet, Earth! Let's go sustainable and show some love to mother Earth as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Sol Shoes as my Valentine Footwear?

They make you feel unique and comfy so that you do not fidget with your shoes while your love of life is in front of you!

What Qualities Do SolChic Shoes Have?

SolChic shoes are comfortable, sustainable, stylish, recycled, and water and dirt-resistant!

Do You Take Wholesale Orders If I Want The Products In Bulk?

Yes, we welcome wholesale orders.

Can I Return My Product Later On?

Yes, absolutely! We offer a 30-day return or exchange period.

Which SolChic Shoe Is The Best?

We craft every handbag and shoe with a lot of thought. Why not check our range of shoes and bags yourselves!

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