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Mules and flats, in general, have been in vogue for some time. Mules shoes, however, essentially 18th-century shoe, was declared ‘the shoe of 2017’ by Elle Magazine. Also, its list of patrons includes Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. And the runways of 2022 were filled with pointed and embellished flat women’s mules. Thus, this blog is all about the mighty mule shoes for women.

women’s mules

The Mule Shoe’s History

Considering the etymology, the word ‘mule’ can be traced back to ancient Rome. However, concrete sources are found in the ‘16th century.’ When they were recognized as backless shoes, but they were nothing like the stylish modern-day mules. They mainly were bedroom slippers.

But the glorious era for mules was soon approaching.

The late 17th century saw the French court’s wealthy ladies wearing them with their elegant ball gowns. And the list of these ladies includes Marie Antoinette. The 1767 iconic painting from Jean-Honore Fragonard called ‘The Swing’ depicts a woman in pink silk mules.

Arriving in the 20th century, the ‘50s to be exact, Marilyn Monroe styled them with her shift dresses and trousers, especially the open-toed mules.

But of course, how can we talk about the history of mules without mentioning their craze in the 90s? The way Carrie Bradshaw carried them was unparalleled.

And recently, 2022 runways were again filled with models in mules.

But how exactly do we define mules?

Defining The Mules, Slides, And Clogs

Indeed, there is such variety on the shelves that it is hard to pin down which one is a mule and which one is not. There are slides, clogs, and then mules, all within the same periphery separated by a thin line.


Defining the mules first. These chic mules are backless shoes with a closed toe. And there is no set criterion for the height of heel they can have. Modern-day mules range between ballet mules with pointed toes and high-heeled mules with round toes.

SolChic’s black raffia mules are one such ballet mules with no heel and a pointed toe.

black raffia mules


Coming to slides, they are open-toed, while mules are closed. Because of this open toe, slides are causal shoes, while mules can be considered casual, formal shoes.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that slides cannot be worn in formal settings and mules are not comfortable for daily wearing.

Contrarily, mules and slides form the most comfortable shoes out there. They can easily be worn in an office, restaurant, kitchen, or by nurses in hospitals.


Lastly, clogs are necessarily mules but with a wooden sole.

So, next time you spot a mule-like shoe with a wooden sole, you know it is not a mule but a clog.

business casual mules

Why Are Mules Such Desirable Shoes?

#1: The Comfortable Mules

Mules like the SolChic’s raffia flat mules are known for their comfort. Their slip-on nature and memory foam insoles make them ideal for any feet, whether high-arched, low-arched, or standard. They will take your feet’s shape.

They are so comfy; you can also take them on vacations. The Neutral mules not only take less space but look stylish and go with any color dress.

Made of rPET raffia, they are breathable and ideal for the summer heat.

Did you know your feet can sweat as much as a shot glass’s volume? But you can trust sol shoes with that.

Moreover, being water-resistant and dirt-resistant shoes, they are comfortable no matter whether it is rainy or muddy.

#2: The Trendy Mules 

As already discussed, mules are back in vogue. Women wanted something as comfy as their bedroom slippers when the lockdown finished. And this gave a massive push to comfort fashion.

And they have been trending ever since 2020. Also, they do not seem to go out of fashion lately. They are expected to reach mightier heights and much experimentation before the trend dies out.

#3: The Stylish Mules 

Mules, by design, are not only comfortable but stylish. The design of the upper silhouette provides them with a unique classy finish.

The best part is the versatility of their style. You can combine them with almost any dress and at nearly any occasion, and you will pull the look absolutely well; without much effort.

These business casual mules look as good as professional shoes for travel and brunches.

They look especially great with trousers, skinny jeans, and mid-length dresses.

#4: The Sustainable And Vegan Mules

Sustainability and veganism are other trends in vogue as our mighty mules.

People are attracted to eco-friendly stuff, and the sustainable and vegan footwear market now makes up for a considerable chunk. Currently, the vegan footwear market amounts to $42.18 billion in 2022. Also, it is expected to reach $76.30 billion by 2030.

SolChic raffia mules and other accessories like handbags and ballet flats are all rPET fabric. This rPET fabric is made of recycled waste plastic bottles. These recycled shoes aim to reduce carbon footprint and use vegan products for manufacturing.

recycled shoes

In A Nutshell…

Mules, or the mighty mules, are the most comfortable, classy, and stylish shoes. They are versatile, too, and will soon become your favorite everyday shoe.

Also, now that you are equipped with all that makes, the mule the most coveted shoe out there. Maybe you would be able to make smarter shopping decisions.

We hope that equipped with the above information, the next time you hear, what’s a mule, you will know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Mules Have Heels, Or Are They Flat?

The answer is both. They come in all styles.

Do Mules Have Closed Toe Or Open?

Mules are closed-toe. Open toes are known as slides.

Can You Pair Mules With A Pencil Skirt?

Absolutely, yes! But preferably, pick a mid-length skirt.

What Was The First Appearance Of Mules In History?

It is said to appear in the era of Egyptian pharaohs, but the documented history marks them to the 16th century.

What Does SolChic Manufacture?

SolChic manufactures ladies’ sustainable and vegan mules, ballerinas, sandals, and handbags.

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