Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Stylish Shoes for Women | Stylish Walking Shoes

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No woman can ever say I have enough shoes and don’t need to shop more! And we can’t blame anyone. The charm of shoes is such.

That’s why Solchic brings you the most stylish shoes for women. But what’s so particular about sol shoes? They are the rare perfect combination of style + comfort.

These comfortable, stylish shoes will make you feel as good as you would look in them.

SolChic is an economical, sustainable, and vegan footwear brand for ladies. We manufacture our ballet flats, sandals, and mules from recycled waste plastic water bottles and other sustainably sourced materials like rubber.

Sol shoes emanate a personality who is confident in her skin and values comfort along with style.SolChic’sSeaside Blue and Parisian Pink flats embody these qualities.

Below are a few qualities of a Sol shoe.

What Qualities Do SolChic’s Stylish Shoes For Women Have?

  • Comfortable shoes

Every SolChic flats have in built memory foam insoles for adequate cushioning. Memory foam insoles are the best in class insoles as they can take ‘memorize’ any foot’s shape.

  • Lightweight

Made of rPET fabric, a very light material, the shoes are very lightweight. Ideal for use as travel shoes or as professional shoes for teachers and nurses.

  • Water-Resistant & Dirt-Resistant

Another quality of rPET fabric is that it is entirely water and dirt-resistant. Thus, it is great for nurses, hospitality staff, salon workers, etc.

  • Breathable

Your feet can let out about one shot glass equal of water. So, having a breathable shoe is essential, especially in summers and while using these flats as running or walking shoes.

  • Stylish And Designer

Last but not least, Sol shoes are very stylish and designer. These casual shoes are versatile, considering they can be worn to Sunday brunches, malls, office, work, or business meetings. The subtle designs ensure Sol shoes would soon become your go-to shoe. You can check SolChic’s immensely stylish Neutral and Black Raffia mules.

For more styles, check our online shop’s retail page.

Solchic So Comfortable!
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