What Shoes Should I Get For Casual Wear?

womens casual shoes

A woman can never have enough shoes, and finding the perfect pair to match her trendiest casual look is always a humongous task. But we ladies not only want our beautiful women's casual shoes to be stylish but comfortable. The fashion world is all about comfort fashion these days because it makes complete sense.

We ladies are at our feet all day long, and comfy shoes are more than just a trend for us, but an essential requirement. We are business women, 9-5 office workers, nurses, chefs in the restaurants and kitchens, teachers, and whatnot. Many of us have super hectic schedules; even if not, comfort is certainly welcome.

Thus, in today's article, let's see the most trendy and comfy ladies' casual shoes. And also how to pair them well for a classy look.

3 Most Trendy And Comfy Women's Casual Shoes

#1: Mules

Mules have long played peekaboo in the fashion industry. They were very much in fashion in the 1940s and 50s, but these comfy beauties are finally back in fashion and ready to write a history, again!

What makes mules unique is that they go as nicely with formal ensembles as they amp up denim or flared skirt look.

Owing to their inherent sophistication, they make for excellent business casual shoes. Especially black mules paired with white or off-white pants render an incredibly put-together formal-casual look.

#2: Sandals

Sandals, the one with two wider straps, the sporty footwear, and the ideal travel partner, are back in vogue and becoming famous as professional shoes.

The runways were filled with models wearing these sporty shoes this year!

And why not? Sandals are extremely comfortable, and you can wear them anywhere from the beaches to offices; with any dress!

They make for fantastic summer shoes. Our feet sweat considerably, and the sandals are incredibly breathable, owing to their basic design.

#3: Ballet Flats

Ballet flat or ballerina is a shoe you can never go wrong with. They are extremely practical shoes and equally versatile.

Although being classic evergreens, they have recently come back as trendy shoes, and designer flats are flooding the market.

However, ballet flats being 'flat,' many women complain about the lack of cushioning these shoes provide.

SolChic, however, understands the importance a comfortable shoe holds for a woman to have a sore-foot-free day. Therefore, we manufacture shoes with a memory foam insole with a thick cushion that takes the shape of your unique arch.

Try our foot-friendly ballet flats, like the gorgeous Parisian Pink and Seaside blue flats.

womens pink shoes

How To Make Perfect Color Combinations?

#1: Black

Nothing surprising, but black casual shoes can pair with almost everything. Black is usually a safe bet if you are confused about which shoe to pair with your attire.

Black shoes are a wardrobe staple—a must-have.

When searching for black shoes, look at the attractive Black Raffia mules.

black casual shoes for women

#2: Nudes

Another staple shoe, nudes, give a long look to the feet. It might seem unrealistic, but fashion has always been about creating an illusion and make-believe.

Go for them if you wear embellished attire and want a balance. However, skip them if you want more sparkle to your look.

#3: Matching

Matching shoes and accessories is a trend near its death.

Undoubtedly, it was a trend not so long ago, but no more. Therefore, matching your shoes to your attire, except for a black or sometimes white look, might seem out of place.

But if you insist, here is a great resource on matching your shoes with the attire!

#4: Color Blocking

Color blocking is next-level fashion. It exudes class like nothing else can but demands an eye to detail.

If you are the woman who loves matching her accessories, then go color blocking. It looks superb.

Shoes are a critical part of this color blocking technique, and the best part is that you can be as creative, whacky, or sophisticated with this technique. Just trust your sense and let it portray your attitude.

#5: Prints

Prints, especially animal prints, look super appealing when paired with more straightforward attire.

For example, a black tee, skinny jeans, and animal print ballet flats like the Safari Tan flats, would be an incredible combination.

However, it would help to be wary while pairing these prints with the rest of your outfit. Choose a relatively subdued outfit, or you risk being too loud with your fashion.

But whatever you do, animal prints are a huge craze, almost a staple, and a must-try.

womens tan shoes

Do's And Don't Of Footwear Styling

The Do's The Dont's
Play with contrast and complementing colors Wear the same color head to toe
Pair light color outfit with light-color shoes and vice versa Pair a dark outfit with light-colored shoes
Style a professional look with blacks, browns, blues, and gray Wear suede, red, etc., to work
Invest in a comfortable and good-quality shoe Prefer style over comfort
Nudes for sequinned tops/dresses Sparkly shoes under embellished dresses
Wear season-appropriate shoes Wear whites in the rains and pick boots in summers


In A Nutshell…

Fashion usually forms the primary concern when choosing the perfect casual shoes. Designer shoes might catch eyeballs and attention, but if they are not comfy, they leave you with sore feet and an irritable mood at the end of the day. Moreover, elongated periods of wearing these shoes can result in painful conditions like Achilles tendon, etc.

Thus, it is wise to prioritize comfort over style; you will seldom feel bad about your purchase.

womens gray flats

Why Choose SolChic For Your Footwear Needs?

SolChic is an entirely sustainable and vegan footwear company. All our shoes are made of recycled water bottles and other materials that are also sustainable.

These eco-friendly, sustainable shoes were designed as complete all-rounders. They are feature-packed and excel in utility also.

Some Sol shoe features are:

  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable and Vegan
  • Memory Foam Insole for cushioning
  • Rubber outsole for traction
  • Trendy designs
  • Water-Resistant and Dirt-Resistant
  • Breathable
  • Affordable

And lastly, they are available for wholesale orders. Check out our Capetown Neutral Prepack A (Size 6-10), Prepack B (Size 7-11)Dropshipping (Size 6-11), Custom Pack (6-11)!

So, if you like SolChic, become a part of our sustainability movement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Flat Shoes Should You Pair With Dresses?

Ballet flats look the best with dresses.

Do Flats Complement Formals?

If you are a fan of comfort fashion, wear your flats with formals confidently. They look great together.

Are Gowns And Closed Toe Shoes A Good Match?

Yes, why not?

Are Sol Flats Comfortable?

They are equipped with the best-in-class comfortable insoles.

What Are Sol Flats Made Of?

They are made of sustainable rPET fabric. 

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