Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Women's Comfort Shoes

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Step out with the confidence that you will return with happy feet. Women's comfort shoes are all about style that doesn't leave you with sore feet. Yes, comfortable shoes are for women who balance style and comfort. They are women who do not feel beauty equals a high heel. Instead, they are comfortable in their skin. Their confidence comes from within, bringing to life any mundane setting.

SolChic, a sustainable and vegan women's shoe brand, manufactures comfortable flat shoes so that your feet feel as happy as you are with our new buy!

At SolChic, we take self-care one step forward by not only caring for ourselves but also for the planet. We believe we are responsible for ourselves, our family, and our planet. We manufacture only vegan and sustainable shoes made from recycled waste plastic water bottles and other sustainable materials. We clean the water bottles and then melt them. This molten plastic is now ready to be converted to threads. These threads form a fabric used to make the uppers of the shoe. Thus, our shoes are also highly water-resistant and dirt-resistant. And don't you worry. They are completely breathable. These eco-friendly shoes are priced at very affordable prices. Because, after all, good quality sustainable shoes should be for everybody. We manufacture Ballet Flats, Mules, Sandals, and Tote Handbags.

SolChic ballet flats are made with very versatile colors and patterns. You can wear them to Sunday brunches, evening night outs, supermarkets, or the office. They are perfect for any casual or professional setting. If you too want comfortable style, you can buy SolChic's Seaside Blue and Pink Parisian flats.

SolChic mules are made from Raffia from molten plastic. Our Neutral and Black Raffia mules are great for business meetings and form great work shoes!

Solchic So Comfortable!
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