Your Guide On How To Style Flat Shoes To Look Chic And Not Frumpy!

comfortable flat shoes

The other day, an agitated friend said, "Step into my shoes. Maybe then you would understand!" My instant reaction was, "Well, they better be flat shoes!"

Yeah, bad pun! But indeed flat shoes are our first love. They are the most comfortable shoes ever made! And the best part, they are the most chic shoes as well for those who know how to pair them!

But, many women wonder how to look chic in flats? Often flats are not associated with much oomph and are considered rather frumpy.

But that is not true. Did you know fashionista Marilyn Monroe was a mule patron?

Furthermore, the awareness about the long-term damage regularly wearing heels can cause is rising. And many existing and new brands are now manufacturing quality flat shoes for women.

Thus here is all you need to know to style these chic flats to get that much-desired oomph!

The Three Types Of Flat Shoes!

Flats have been divided into three categories, depending upon their height (Not the heel height, remember they are flats!).

  1. Beneath the ankle flats- These do not touch your ankle bone. Examples are ballet flats, mules, sandals, etc.
  2. Above the ankle flats- These shoes cover your ankle, much like low boots.
  3. Knee-high flats- One of the best examples is hum boots.

The key is to understand your body proportions and height and balance these attributes with the perfect shoe and dresses.

Though before we dive into how to style flats with different clothes, let’s first learn to strike a balance and proportion in dressing.

Let's see how!

black raffia mule

Key To Style: Striking Proportion And Balance!

Though extremely comfortable, ladies' flat shoes have an inherent issue- they can make you look short! When we go for these cute flat shoes, everything is nearer to the ground, i.e., our bum, our knees.

And thus the need to give proportion its due importance!

Below are some tips on falling into proportion when coupling women's flat shoes with different dresses.

 #1: Skirt Or Dress + Flats

The crux is to draw the eye up!

Opt for a skirt that sits on your waist or a dress that has a waist belt.

Next, pay attention to the length of your skirt/dress. Try avoiding any length that ends at your calf. Showing more of your lower leg, i.e., the portion below your knees, or showing just the ankle, which happens to be the slimmest part of the leg, we can avoid looking shorter!

But take our word on it, when coupled with formal skirts and dresses, flats are possibly the best workplace shoes!

#2: Cropped Pant Or Jeans + Flats 

The same proportion trick applies here too!

Avoid calf-length pants and opt for one that finishes right above the ankle bone.

This trick gives the impression of a longer leg.

Don't you think a tee and skinny jeans with these smart black raffia mule would make for a great weekend walks partner? Also, being flat black shoes, they are highly versatile!

#3: Tops & Jacket + Flats

Ensure the length of your top does not cover your bum. Because a long top will give the impression of a longer upper body, making you look shorter.

A quick fix is to tuck the front of the top into the pants! An easy way to restore the proportion balance.

Pair your favorite top and jacket with your fancy flat shoes, and you are ready to rock any party or get-together!

flat black shoes

How To Style Your Chic Flat Shoes With Various Dresses?

Ankle flats are the most desirable type of flat shoes. Here is how to couple them with any attire and look your best!

#1: Rolled Up Or 7/8 Pants

You can opt for a skinny fit or a bit larger one.

When paired with these ankle-revealing pants, women's flat shoes make for a perfect weekend-vibe outfit.

Whether you are plump or skinny, this combo goes excellent for all.

You can pair your best sandals, ballet, or flat mules shoes with these pants. 

Another advice on this topic is to try pointy or ballet flat shoes that show a little of your top toes.

#2: Skirts or Dresses

Remember the earlier proportion & balance tips on this?

If your calves are thick, try opting for above the knee or long-length skirts and dresses because otherwise, they might look broader and shorter.

Also, petite girls can perfer pairing these stylish shoes for women with shorter outfits.

#3: Long And Wide Pants

No ankle peeping out in this case!

Thus, this style suits tall and lean women better. Designer flat shoes like sandals with flare pants make a very chic attire.

So, that was all about the styling of flats. But wait, another aspect that makes flats even more desirable is that they make the best shoes for flat feet.

Let's now learn more about them.

The Flat Feet And Flat Shoe Saga!

Flat feet or Fallen Arches are not always a painful condition. But a problem that persists with flat feet is, flat feet tend to roll inwards as they walk or stand.

This inward rolling is called over-pronation and can cause the formation of Bunions.

So, is there a way out?

Definitely, yes! Flat shoes are one of the best shoes for flat feet. But not any flats. Some of the requirements for good flat-foot shoes are foam insoles, comfortable rubber soles, and a nice toe box.

SolChic footwear checks off all these boxes. You can walk miles in Sol shoes and always return with happy feet. They are the best walking shoes for flat feet! Don't believe it? Have a look at our blue flats or the trendy tan flats.

Moreover, we care for the planet. Thus every Sol shoe is a vegan and sustainable shoe. After all, giving back to mother nature is the only way to leave a healthy environment for our future generations!


gray flat shoes

In A Nutshell…

Comfortable flat shoes, a not-so-new rage are here to stay. What's more, their numerous styles make them the perfect work shoes for women. In fact, an ideal weekend getaway and a gorgeous take-me-to-the-mall shoe too!

And comfortable shoes are indeed a blessing. Because, you must have observed this too, there is no going back from a shoe that is comfy yet stylish.

So, till then,

Walk with style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Flat Shoes Suitable For People With Flat Feet And Need To Stand All Day?

Yes, they are. They are the best shoes for flat feet for standing all day.

What Is A Sustainable Shoe?

A sustainable shoe uses recycled or bio-degradable materials like cotton. Fairtrade practices are also a part of sustainability.

What Is A Vegan Shoe?

A vegan shoe does not use any animal-sourced products. Going further, it does not even use any materials tested on animals.

Are Sol Shoes Dirt And Water-Resistant?

Yes, our shoes are made of recycled plastic bottles and are dirt and water-resistant.

Do You Take Wholesale Orders?

Yes, we do!

Are Your Shoes Stylish?

Check out our chic shoes store!

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