Women's Valentine's Day Shoes: Shoes To Wear In This Month Of Love!

Valentine's day gift

The month of love is finally here! Everybody is trying to woo their partners most uniquely. And thus, we here have for you the best and most unique gift-women's Valentine's Day shoes!

But why shoes?

Gifting is a way of expressing how valuable and important the person is to you. Gifts express our love for the person, but flowers and chocolates have become too cliché to impress your woman! Trust me; I am a woman!

Though any woman would love a practical gift that is useful even after Valentine's, and what better than a beautiful pair of Valentine's Day themed shoes?

She would feel so special while wearing it because it's your gift and you will be surprised how stunning she looks in those shoes!

Moreover, SolChic Valentine's shoes are sustainable, stylish, comfy, and extremely affordable. What else do you want from a shoe? Don't believe us? Check out our Safari Tan flats!

But if you need more reasons why your girl would love your gifted shoes, here are three more!

Valentines day gift collection

3 Reasons Why Women's Valentine's Day Shoes Are The Perfect Gift For Her!

#1: A Woman Can Never Have Enough Shoes

So, if your girl too, like us, is in love with shoes, go for it!

Shoes are indeed the first love of girls, and we like to have as many we can. But the best part of gifting a shoe is it lasts longer, and if you gift her a multi-purpose shoe that she can wear anywhere, you hit the nail right in the spot!

You can always go for flowers, cakes, and chocolates, but being cliché, they don't appear as thoughtful. While finding a go-to shoe is pure perfection.

A comfortable yet stylish shoe is a rare find but an ideal choice.

At SolChic, our mission is to make comfy, stylish, and versatile shoes that become your go-to pair from the very first time. We tend to click just like you two!

#2: Sustainable Shoes Reveal Your Thoughtful Side

Sustainability is a huge trend these days. And it just shows one thing- how thoughtful you are!

The fast fashion industry is the third-largest pollution contributor and causing a lot of harm to the planet. But if you choose a sustainable shoe for her Valentine's day gift, it shows how thoughtful you are for the planet.

And if you could be so generous to the planet, you would treat her like a queen.

Genuinely, thoughtful gifts never miss the mark!

#3: Comfort Is The Language Of Love

Gone are the days when confidence equaled a high heel. So many brands, including SolChic, are now launching stylish and comfortable footwear.

You no longer need to have sore feet to look your best.

And loving is caring. So, if you take the pains to find footwear that looks chic, makes her feel confident, but doesn't hurt her feet, it is indeed the best Valentine's Day gift for her!

SolChic's Jet Black Raffia mule is one such footwear that is versatile, comfy, and stylish! Pair it with anything and take it to any occasion! Plus, they are dirt and water-resistant shoes.

Now that we have established how practical gifts shoes could be let us see some fantastic footwear that looks stylish while excelling as a comfortable shoe.

Work shoes for women

Three Footwear That Are Both Comfortable and Stylish Shoes

#1: Mules

The mighty mules are easily the best women's shoes.

Mules are slip-on shoes, that is, there is no constraint at the back of the heel. Mules with little or no heels are ideal work shoes for women because they are classy and comfy.

You can style them with skinny pants and a sweater, a pretty knee-length skirt, or whatever you feel like!

And did you know they were Marilyn Monroe's favorite too? She could be spotted sporting them with her high waist pants and other attires.

Interested? Do check out our Valentine's day collection!

#2: Sandals

Sandals are another convenient option for those who stand or walk all day at work.

Sandals are a vast category in general, but at the core, it is a sole attached with straps that hold the foot. It may or may not have a heel. But a flat cushioned sole is an ideal work women's feet partner.

Sandals are great because they too are pretty versatile and can accompany you anywhere. They are a think-less-take-me-anywhere approach to footwear.

#3: Flats

Ballet flats are our last suggestion but the best amongst all.

Once a girl finds a ballet flat that suits her foot shape, there is no going back.

Personally, I take my ballet flats everywhere, mall, get-togethers, supermarket, work, anywhere and everywhere!

They spoil you. But they are so useful.

And with so many beautiful designs in ballerina flats these days, it is indeed difficult to say no. Do check out our Jet Black flats.

Your girl can wear it to your Valentine date too! Indeed they are one of the best Valentine's day shoes for her!

Women's Valentine's Day Shoes

In A Nutshell…

Love is in the air. And so is the pressure to express this love!

But sustainable shoes are indeed a great bet. They are useful, thoughtful, and pretty. And I guess these are the things a girl wants in her Valentine gift.

At SolChic, we are committed to making footwear that reduces our carbon footprint on the planet. We are proud of our sustainable approach. But we don't think sustainability has to be boring or expensive.

Our footwear is very trendy and equally affordable!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our collection of Valentine's footwear!

And till then,

Walk with style!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sustainable Raw Materials Do You Use?

Our shoes are made of recycled plastic bottles.

Do You Involve Fairtrade Practices?

Indeed, we do!

Do We Accept Wholesale Orders?

Yes, we do! Bring it on.

Are Sol Shoes Comfortable?

SolChic, So Comfortable is our motto! Our shoes are as good as gloves.

Are Sol Shoes Trendy?

See it to believe it.

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