Women's Mule Shoes: Everything To Know About The Mighty Mule Shoes!

Women's Mule Shoes

Do you know what Marylin Monroe's go-to footwear style was? Yes, it was mules! And from Ms.  Marylin Monroe of mid 20thcentury to the divas of today, everybody loves mules. And that's why today's post is dedicated to everything about women's mule shoes!

Mules are gorgeously comfy and the perfect partner to any dress. Be it fall, summer, or spring, they are my loyal foot companions whom I can approach anytime, without thinking for a second time! And my love only grows for them as they are always to my rescue whenever I am in a dilemma of which footwear to choose!

I hope that mules must have saved you too someday or other.

And that's why I am writing this whole post on women's mule shoes, where I will share everything about them. Their legendary history, types, benefits, and most importantly, how to pair them with your favorite attires!

So, why wait? Let's dive straight in!

What Do Women's Mule Shoes Look Like?

Mule shoes have no constraints at the back and no fastenings around the heel too.

You can just slip in your feet in your mule shoe.

What sets them apart from all other shoes is that they are very comfy, stylish, and versatile. You can easily pair them with almost any attire in your wardrobe. No other shoe gives you such freedom.

So, let's start our blog with the story of the mule shoe!

The Legend Of The Mighty Mule!

It may not seem like it, but mules have been around for quite a while now. Surprisingly they have a two thousand old history! Would you have thought of that?

So, the word Mule comes from the Roman phrase, "mulleuscalceus," describing the red and purple shoes of the three Roman senators and later worn by other important people.

But the presence of mules is felt from the 16th century when they were popular as bedroom shoes usually worn with dressing gowns. But soon after, in the 17th century, wealthy ladies of the French court started donning them under their ball gowns.

More evidence is found in the Jean-Honore Fragonard painting, "The Swing," which shows a woman removing her mules while looking at a male admirer.

But the modern-day world recognizes them as Ms. Marylin Monroe's favorites. She could often be spotted wearing mules with her frilled skirts and high-waist trousers.

I guess the comfort and fashionable look of mules made her choose them as her go-to footwear. They are the ultimate comfort shoes for women, if you ask me.

And their latest popularity boost came from Carrie Bradshaw flaunting her mules and stylish clothes in "Sex in the city."

comfort mule womens

Why Mules? What Are The Benefits Of Opting Mules?

If you are considering mules, the first reason that should draw you to them is they are synonymous with comfort. I feel they are the best work shoes for women. Their design is very comfy, and the materials used, soft leather and suede, only further enhance the comfort.

What's more, many ladies have health issues like Achilles Tendonitis, etc. Ladies mules shoes can end their miseries as they do not have a back constraint. So, nothing rubs or irritates your tendons as you wear them. And owing to their comfortable design, they are feet-healthy with or without a feet issue!

Next up, they are versatile! You can pair them with any attire and wear them in any weather until it's not too cold to wear half-open footwear.

And lastly, you would love it if comfort comes with style, won't you? And mules are that rare coincidence. They are comfortable, feet-healthy, and stylish, all at the same time! No wonder they strike me first when somebody asks me about business shoes for women!

So, next, let us learn how to style these fantastic pairs of shoes.


Solchic women mules

How To Style Mule Shoes For Women?

It is effortless to style mules. And they go great with many attires already present in your wardrobe like cropped pants and trousers.

Mules are ideal for casual business meetings and can be an easy look for going to the nearby supermarket and also on get-togethers!

Let's see a few ideas to style mules and get your imagination going.

  1. Black small-healed mules go great with cuffed jeans and a solid color shirt. The attire is perfect for running errands or meeting friends or family. You can pump up the look with a matching handbag.
  2. Another fabulous fall attire is pointy-toe mules like Solchic Raffia mules, a sweater, and a pair of skinny pants. Depending on the sweater, you can wear this attire to various occasions.
  3. An excellent job look can be a knee-length A-line skirt with your very own comfy mules.

Linen pants also look great with mules. The looks you can create with these comfortable work shoes are virtually endless.

What Are The Different Types Of Mules?

 #1: Capri Mules

These are some of the most comfortable options, even in the family of mules.

Capri mules come in various textures, colors, and with or without heels. However, heeled mules are better for a professional look.

#2: Peep-Toe Mule Shoes

Want a date night footwear but one that is comfortable?

Peep-toe mule shoes are your answer!

These are comfortable but go better with elegant attire that suits date nights or workplaces.

#3: Espadrilles

Espadrilles are casual, primarily flat, rope soled shoes. Nowadays, the upper body of Espadrilles is made of cotton or canvas and a flexible sole.

#4: Men's Mules

Mules come for men as well!

In A Nutshell…

Mules have emerged as one of the most cool shoes for women. They have a rich legacy and have seen many fashionista patrons- from Marylin Monroe to Carrie Bradshaw and now you!

With this, I wrap up the post! I have tried to incorporate everything essential to know about mules in this article, and I hope it solved all your queries!

Also, do tell me about how you style your mules?

Let me know in the comments!

Let's discuss! I am all ears!

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