Water-Resistant Shoes and Clothing: How to Dress for Work in a Rainy Day

Water-resistant shoes for women from SolChic

It’s raining outside. You have a meeting in an hour, and you need to wear something that looks professional. But it needs to be comfortable and dry enough to get you through the commute. What do you do? If your job requires you to be outside constantly, water-resistant clothes and water-resistant shoes probably are your best choices.

Have you heard of water-resistant clothes and water-resistant shoes before? Or if you remember the days you must go to work in a rainy day? The frustrations of choosing the right work clothes are real, especially when it is with rain coming at random times and intervals. The office environment can pose enough of a challenge. If you throw in the unpredictability and icky feeling that comes with rainy days, it’s tough not to succumb to fashion paralysis at times.

We’ve rounded up some of the water-resistant fashion tips you can follow. Hopefully, they will keep you dry and endure the elements at the same time once you arrive at your destination, no matter how the weather conditions change for the day. Here are some tips on dressing for work when it’s raining outside, from head to toe.

Consider your work dress code and makes it work in the rain.

When the weather is terrible, it’s hard to work up an appetite for fashion. But you’re not at your best when wearing a wet dress code either. The key is to stay dry and professional while at the same time looking like a boss.

Your work dress code should never be an excuse for not dressing up. You may have to wear a poncho or raincoat, but that doesn’t mean you can just let your hair down and leave the house without putting on clothes and footwear you love.

If you have a formal event taking place outside, then be sure to invest in water-resistant shoes. They’re good for walking on wet surfaces and even when there are puddles of water everywhere. We highly recommend the Sol Chic dirt and water-resistant flats from our catalogue. Those shoes and flats are designed to keep you looking good for walking at work and feeling comfortable at the same time.

Wear trench coat or other water-resistant clothes to keep you dry and comfortable

It’s not always easy to find a water-resistant trench coat that doesn’t look like you’re going on safari. However, there are many options available. Don’t let your shell jacket sit at home and collect dust. It’s an excellent option for keeping dry when it's raining outside.

A lovely little number will keep you cosy on bad weather days with its water-resistant fabric while still looking fashionable enough to wear to the office without feeling like an out-of-date lady.

The best way to stay dry and fashionable from head to toe is with water-resistant clothes. Imagining if you can pair your clothes with matching water-resistant flats! It for sure will keep you look great and feel warm and dry.

Wear water-resistant shoes so you don’t have to worry when it starts to drizzle.

Invest in a pair of water-resistant shoes from our catalogue made for walking in the rain. They are chic and comfortable, and they will lessen the likelihood of damp and soaked feet that breaks you down from feeling good. It is also a great idea to wear footwear that isn’t slippery to protect you from slipping on your butt when it rains.

Besides, wearing a pair of water-resistant shoes won’t give you smelly feet. You don’t want embarrassment from feeling smelly, especially when you’re going to have a meeting with a big client or delivering a presentation in a boardroom.

Water-resistant clothes and water- resistant shoes are the best options because not only do they keep your feet dry, but they also protect them from any dirt or debris on the ground while you try to walk through (or avoid) puddles of water. Those shoes made with good quality soles will also reduce the chances of slipping when walking over wet surfaces and prevent bad falls.

Wear darker colours for bottoms to minimize the visibility of wet areas.

When picking out pants or skirts, go darker than usual, so they don’t show water stains as easily. Think grey over light blue -- or better yet, navy.

Another way to avoid a large, obvious stain from showing up on your clothing is to dress in long pants or skirts. That way, if you get something wet on the lower part of the garment, it remains there. Unlike when you get the upper fabric wet, where the water stain will drip down to the hem right above your water-resistant shoes. If you get something wet higher up, the dark material will blend in with dirt and water stains anyhow. It’s less noticeable that way.

Also, make sure to be careful if you’re wearing a skirt that reaches above your knees. Walk with caution to avoid getting this wet. The less chance you get your skirt wet, the better off you’ll be later.

Find a good sturdy umbrella that would complement your water-resistant shoes.

Investing in a durable and quality umbrella is a necessary part of completing your water-repellent ensemble for work. Yes, they are often pricey, but they’re so worth it! That's considering the time and money you can save because you don’t have to buy other items for work that get ruined by getting wet regularly, such as coats and shoes.

Find a classy and versatile style that still allows you to ward off the raindrops before they ruin your day. A well-designed umbrella is a must-have work dress code. You protect yourself better from rain and wind with an extra layer over your head.

Bring a spare set of clothes you change into anytime.

Walking home in the rain is one of those things that can make you feel like a complete disaster. Carrying an extra set of clothes just in case it takes longer than expected for you to get home after work because of the rain. And maybe add an extra pair of water-resistant shoes too. Check out the fashionable water-resistant shoe catalogues. It is important that what you’re bringing will not be too bulky. Better yet, keep the extra set of light weight clothes and shoes in your desk drawer; you’ll be thankful once you notice the dark clouds looming outside your office window at 5 in the afternoon.

Remember these when it’s raining and you need to stay dry.

A good rule of thumb when picking out clothes that need to be worn at work is this. If there’s a chance that the rain may hit, then you need some protection against water -- either full coverage like with a trench coat, a poncho worn over clothing (such as dark dress pants), leggings and tights under something long to keep you warm, or with water-resistant shoes to keep your feet dry and save you from slipping.

It might seem hard at first, but there are some great options out there if you put in time and effort into finding something that works well for you, not just one of those cheap, poorly made items you can buy from the big retailers.

Plus, remember, if it rains outside, then wear the appropriate footwear for maximum waterproofing unless otherwise instructed by your company dress code. The most important thing to stay dry and comfortable all day long!

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