Slip On n Let ‘a Go: Benefits Of Slip-On Women’s Shoes

Women’s Shoes

There are many stressors in our busy lives. But our shoes needn’t be one of them. Women’s shoes, besides being pretty, must be comfortable, and slip-on shoes top the list of comfort shoes. Slip-on are excellent business casual shoes and can be worn in professional and personal spaces.

Various slip-on shoes like ballet flats, mules, sandals, etc., are available in the market. The choice is subjective. But here is a short introduction to slip-on and the top 6 benefits of wearing slip-on women’s shoes!

What Are Slip-On Shoes?

business casual shoes

Slip-on shoes that can easily be worn and removed. Usually, they do not have fasteners, laces, straps, etc.

For long, the word slip-on shoes conjured pictures of slippers in our minds. But not anymore. Slip-ons nowadays are manufactured as designer shoes with a lot of variety. They can match any taste. And are super comfortable, breathable, and provide extra cushioning.

What’s more, the sleek designs are so versatile. There is a slip-on out there that is great for a meeting, grocery shopping, and Sunday brunch.

So, let’s see why to opt for a slip-on.

Benefits Of Wearing Slip-On Women’s Shoes

#1: Easy To Wear

The most straightforward reason to buy a slip-on is that it is easy to wear. Just slip in your feet, and you’re just a step away from a relaxing walk. Or slip your feet off, and that’s all you need to dive into the pool.

What’s more, they are so comfortable. They are great even if you have a medical condition like bunions or plantar fasciitis, or if you have narrow or wide feet, or those who need extra arch support.

#2: Lightweight And Breathable

You would feel so light and fresh that you would not feel you are wearing anything. 

Most people have hectic schedules. Every step involves lifting your foot; unless your shoes are lightweight, you are bound to have a tiring day.

SolChic’s women's raffia mules are made of rPET fabric that is lightweight and breathable. However hot the summer may be, you won’t end your day with smelly shoes. They will also keep your feet fresh.

women’s raffia mules 

#3: As Comfy As A Sock

Good quality slip-on footwear provides the best of both worlds. Slip-on business casual mules are both comfy and stylish.

The comfort of memory foam insoles and a rubber outsole ensure that every type of foot feels comfortable irrespective of the arch type.

They are so comfortable. They are ideal for travel and all working professionals like teachers, chefs in restaurants and kitchens, nurses, etc. SolChic’s Raffia flat mules will primarily ensure you return with happy fresh feet and not paining sore ones.

#4: Stylish And Versatile 

Women’s mules are stylish and trendy shoes. However, having their humble beginnings in the 18th century, they are now a massive trend in the 21st century.

They are available in such wide varieties that there is something for everybody. There are embellished, sober, pointed-toe mules, flat shoes, mules with a kitten heel, and so on.

And their beauty is that they go with almost any attire. You can rock them with a dress, casual outfits like shorts, jeans, etc., and stay assured of a put-together look.

With so much variety in styles, materials, and versatility, you are but spoilt for choices. And it’s all about your spending limit and preferences.

#5: Double Up As Walking Shoes

According to the common conception, slip-on shoes are meant for light running and walking. On the contrary, SolChic’s ballerina, like the gorgeous Pink Parisian shoes for ladies, are snug enough to handle the training, dog walking, running, and peaceful walks. What’s more, they are water-resistant and dirt-resistant. So, you can freely use them in muck or rain!

The cherry on the cake, you do not have to bother to tie laces, which are sometimes too tight and too loose at others.

But be cautious to check how snug the shoe is before buying because there is hardly any way to adjust that once purchased.

Parisian shoes for ladies

#6: Vegan And Sustainable Shoes

Last but not least, what’s good for you, should also be good for the planet Earth. According to the Unsustainable Magazine, US citizens throw 300 million shoe pairs yearly. And 95% of these shoes end in landfills!

There is hardly any escaping the fact that unsustainable means are taking a toll on Earth.

But there is a ray of hope. More and more people worldwide are adopting sustainability and veganism.

SolChic is one of those trying to do their bit. All SolChic products, ballet flats, mules, sandals, and handbags are recycled PET fabric. We do not use any product obtained from animals. Our soles are made of organic rubber. And we ensure that the glues used are also not animal-sourced.

We try to manufacture these recycled shoes in the most eco-friendly manner.

In A Nutshell…

Blue flats

Slip-ons like SolChic’s Neutral mules and Blue flats are comfortable, versatile, and very practical shoes. They are the perfect match for happy feet. And from the plethora of options available, you can easily explore your choices.

If you, too, are looking for slip-ons, consider checking out our online retail store. Our carefully crafted shoes with memory foam insoles and beautiful designs. And are you looking for something more? We also accept wholesale orders. Check out our Raffia Neutral Prepack a (size 6-10), Dropshipping (size 6-10), Custom pack (size 6-11)!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Are The Various Slip-On Shoes?

Ballerinas, sandals, and mules are some of the best slip-ons.

When Did The Mules First Appear?

The mule first appeared in the 18th century.

What Are Mule Shoes?

Mule shoes are shoes with no back constraints. Just slip on n let a go!

What Do You Mean By Vegan Shoes?

Vegan shoes that use only plants-sourced or obtained material for manufacturing are called vegan shoes.

What Do You Mean By Sustainable Shoes?

Sustainable shoes follow the 3R rule- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. They aim to reduce carbon footprint.

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