Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Mules - The Casual Office Shoes For Working Women!

Women's mules are the best casual office shoes not only because they rank high in comfort but bring along style as well.

And indeed, we spend hours in our work shoes. They carry us from desk to dinner. Thus, they must be as comfy as pretty. And mules fit the requirements perfectly. Give them a try, and they will become your next workplace favorites and everyday shoe.

These all-season shoes are extremely versatile whether you have a formal or casual workplace. There are more than one reasons why mules are the perfect choice for casual, formal shoes.

Let's learn the reasons and how to style these fantastic shoes at the workplace!

business casual mules

Why Are Mules The Perfect Casual Office Shoes?

 #1: Comfortable, Relaxed Foot

Indeed the first benefit of ladies' mule shoes is their comfort. You can just slip them on and be ready to step out.

Moreover, when accompanied by memory foam insoles or equivalent cushioning, they provide adequate cushioning to the sole. Flat shoes with good cushioning are a perfect combination for a professional shoe.

So, whether you are a nurse or you work in restaurants or the kitchen, mules will keep your feet relaxed all day long!

Lastly, if you struggle with foot issues like Achilles Tendonitis, Mules shoes are a great idea. They do not have any straps or constraints at the back. Thus, these shoes do not rub the tendons while you are walking.

Mules are an excellent option for those with Arthritis also.

#2: Be Free From Seasons, Dress, And Occasions

With mules, anything goes.

The best part about mules for women is that you can pair them with anything; on any occasion, they will not let you look off place.

So, if you have an evening dinner after work, mules would look as pretty and put together at dinner as at work. Moreover, carry a dinner-appropriate skirt in your bag and make a quick change before dinner.

Going further, they are so versatile that you can take them to the beach, dog walking, parties, and supermarkets. They will not disappoint you.

Also, they can be worn in almost any season. Summer, spring, fall, and even winter when coupled with appropriate socks and trousers.

So, next time you shop for business casual mules, consider SolChic's Neutral mules and Black Raffia mules.

Neutral mules

#3: Next Level Style

The unique upper silhouette of women's mule shoes gives them a classy appeal.

They look great with dresses, skirts, trousers, and jeans. You name it.

And did you know they were the go-to shoes of Marilyn Monroe? She could often be seen sporting them with her flared skirts and dresses.

But there is always a better way of pairing your outfits with your favorite footwear. Let's learn the same.

How To Style Women's Mules At Workplace? 

#1: Mules + Dress/ Skirt

Mules look great with dresses and skirts too. So, depending on how casual or formal your workplace is, here are a few tips for pairing them together:

  1. A-Line skirts pair better with mules.
  2. The preferred length for both skirts and dresses is mid-length or longer.

#2: Mules + Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are chic outfits and call for equally chic footwear- the mules.

Jumpsuits, however classy, always leave us in a dilemma for the appropriate footwear. But women's mule shoes are a perfect partner to this chic outfit.

When choosing your office outfit for the day, pick a solid-tone jumpsuit and pair it with flat mules, and you are ready for the day!

#3: Mules + Jeans

Jeans are a savior whenever we are in a dilemma of what to wear. And this comfort attire is well complimented by this comfort footwear.

What's more, you can endlessly play with the shoes' hues. Go for matching shades at times and contrasting at others.

A blazer completes the look well and gives you a cozy office vibe.

#4: The Everyday Look

Pair your favorite chic mules with jeans or trousers for an everyday look. Comfortable flat mules look fantastic with this look. Yes, it is old school. But the old school is now the new rage!

Black comfort mules are a must-have in your closet. They go with most outfits, and choosing footwear for the day is hardly a decision.

Womens mules

Why Choose SolChic For Your Mule Needs?

SolChic is a women's vegan shoe brand. Our shoes are not only vegan but also sustainable.

We make our shoes from recycled waste plastic bottles and other sustainable vegan products. We use rPET fabric for the shoe uppers, rubber for the soles, etc.

These recycled shoes are not only eco-friendly and good for the planet but also for you.

Sol shoes are very functional, sustainable shoes.

Let's see the various features of SolChic mules:

  1. Dirt-Resistant and Water-Resistant
  2. Lightweight
  3. Breathable
  4. Cushioning from memory foam insoles
  5. Traction through rubber outsoles
  6. Sustainable and vegan
  7. Versatile color and patterns
  8. Very affordable!

So, pick your favorite mules today and add spark to your dressing. And if you want to be our reseller, we also take wholesale orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Did The Mules First Make An Appearance In The History?

The mules first appear in ancient Egypt in the era of pharaohs.

How Do You Identify A Mule?

A mule is a shoe with no support at the back. It can be heeled or flat and peeped toe-or closed-toe.

What Should Be The Ideal Skirt/Dress Length For Mules?

The skirt/dress should be mid-length or longer.

Can Mules Be Worn On Beaches?

Mules are a take-me-anywhere shoe. So, yes indeed!

How Do You Differentiate Between A Mule And A Clog?

The fundamental difference is that clogs have a wooden sole while mules don't.

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