How Are Women’s Mules A Must-Have For Vacation?

women’s mules

Women’s mules have been everywhere lately, with little or no heel. They have been a particular favorite of celebrities at the airport as well. And indeed, mules make for the perfect travel partner.

They are easy to slip on, and their traditional upper provides an excellent fashion appeal. Being easy to pack, they bust the biggest challenges of traveling- packing enough in the limited number of bags.

There is a lot more to why mules are popular as travel shoes. Let’s discuss all the reasons and how to pair them with your favorite travel dress.

mule shoes for women

Why Are Women’s Mules A Perfect Vacation Partner?

#1: They Keep Away Sore Feet

Comfort is a must-tick check box for travel shoes. If not comfortable, the fanciest and pretty shoes would only leave you in a bad mood even in the loveliest of destinations.

And with mules, just slip them on and forget. Mules with proper cushioning like memory foam insoles are a safe bet for any terrain. Mules are three-season shoes and feel comfortable even in slightly cold weather.

#2: Don’t Want Much Space In Your Bags

The beauty of mules is not only in their style. But their squashability into luggage bags also scores them a point.

Flights have an upper limit on the bag’s dimensions and the weight you can carry. A few trains, buses, and cruise companies can have such limitations too.

Thus, the squashability of your travel shoes will define how many shoes you can take with you. Ideally, two to three shoes form the magic number to take on a trip.

Also, being lightweight, you can not only pack more into your bags, but also it is easier to lug around the luggage.

Here are some more tips on packing shoes!

#3: They Pair Up With Any Dress For Any Occasion

Versatility is key to any travel shoes. You need comfortable mules that could fit any occasion. Be it sightseeing, a dinner later on, short hikes, or even an amusement park visit. And guess what, ladies’ mule shoes are kings of versatility. They can accommodate any occasion.

Also, pair your clothes and shoes so that you need minimum numbers of each. Think whether you can pair these shoes with leggings, casual blazers, shorts, summer dresses, etc.

Again, these modern trendy flats can pair with almost any dress, casual or formal.

Pro Tip: Stick to neutral mules colors like Black, Tan, Gray, etc.

#4: Mules are Stylish

A unique offering of mules is that they are as stylish as they are comfortable.

However, according to us, style comes secondary to comfort. But these chic shoes spoil you, for they offer both comfort and style. No wonder so many celebrities consider mules their favorite airport shoe.

Also, when you get the best of both worlds, you are more likely to wear them back at home instead make them your everyday shoe.

SolChic’s Raffia mules- Jet Black and Neutral excel at the style quotient and can be worn with any outfit.

mules shoes

#5: Special Consideration: Sustainability And Veganism

Sustainability and veganism are gaining popularity by the day. But the problem until now was these processes were not transparent.

Often the shoes were not entirely vegan, or the place and process of manufacturing were unclear.

However, things have changed lately. More and more brands are making this information publicly available.

SolChic is also an entirely vegan and sustainable brand that makes all its products from rPET. Indeed, all our shoes are made from recycled plastic and other sustainable products like organic rubber.

black raffia mules

How To Style Mules With Your Favorite Outfit?

#1: They Should Fit You Perfectly

A perfect fit is a basic necessity when it comes to styling shoes. A shoe falling off every second, however stylish, will fail to deliver on the benchmarks of style.

Thus, even with lady mules, find a pair that fits your feet exactly- neither too tight nor too loose.

#2: Material

Mules come in various materials like suede, silk, velvet, raffia, faux leather, etc. Be cautious about pairing materials with your outfit.

Pairing a silk mule with a cotton summer dress might not look appealing. At the same time, the same dress might look stunning in faux leather or raffia mules.

If you are attending a wedding on your trip, consider opting for silk or velvet mules. They give a richer finishing.

Solchic’s black raffia mules make for a perfect summer look.

#3: Clothes

The cherry on the top is that the mule, when paired with the right color and material, goes with any outfit. They look very stylish with tapered jeans and trousers. But flowy skirts, summer dresses, and shorts are also part of the list.

This part makes them highly desirable as travel shoes. So, if you wear them in winter, pair them with trousers and jeans and in summers, sport them with your favorite skirts, dresses, and shorts.

womens raffia mules

Why Choose Solchic For Your Women’s Travel Mules Needs?

Solchic is an entirely vegan and sustainable brand that makes highly functional, versatile, and stylish shoes. Moreover, SolChic mules will last you years of rough usage and will become your favorite everyday shoe in no time.

The memory foam insoles of sol shoes protect your feet, and their breathable fabric keeps your feet fresh.

Moreover, being lightweight, water-resistant, and dirt-resistant, you can use them in any weather. 

Lastly, available in neutral and other versatile colors, they give you the flexibility to pair them with maximum dresses.

Now, this is how a power-packed shoe is!

We also sell wholesale women’s mule shoes! Visit our reseller guide page and participate in the vegan and sustainability movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Mules?

Mules are shoes with no constraint at the heel’s back.

What Are Vegan Mules Made Of?

Women’s Vegan shoes are made of vegan leather-like rPET fabric.

What Are Sustainable Mules?

Sustainable shoes are upcycled or recycled shoes. They are usually made of organic and recycled materials.

What Products Does Solchic Manufacture?

We manufacture ballet flats, handbags, sandals, and mules.

Are Mules Casual Or Formal Shoes?

Mules are casual-formal shoes.

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