Go Wild!

Go Wild!

It might just be the perfect time to take a walk on the wild side. 

Vogue has declared animal prints to be the “new neutral”— and it’s easy to see why. From back in our grandmother’s time through the present day, animal prints keep coming on the scene with a roar. Zebra. Leopard. Giraffe. These prints appear time and time again. Yet they somehow always manage to look fresh and original.

We are convinced that animal prints of all sorts will always be fashionable and, from spring 2021 on, we’ll be seeing even more digitalized animal prints in shades of grey, tan, pink and black.

Imagine pair of white pants with a pale grey blouse. Chic.

Now imagine that same outfit with a pair of tone-on-tone grey zebra flats. SolChic®!

Imagine pair of capris with a silk tank on a tropical island. Always a good look.

Now imagine that look paired with tan leopard-printed flats. An even hotter look!

At SolChic®, we combine trendy designs with total comfort for real women in the real world. we believe in looking classic, but also having fun with fashion. We believe life is too short to limit your footwear to black boots and white tennis shoes. Check us out  — and see how SolChic® flats can help you be just a little bit wild.

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