Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!
Thank you for celebrating with us! SolChic, So Comfortable!

Choosing The Perfect Travel Shoes for Every Women traveler

A suitable pair of shoes can mark the difference between blissful and painful travel. While a pair of comfortable travel shoes can land you the most beautiful travel memories, the wrong pairs would land you the most miserable ones. Blisters and sore feet are commonplace on trips, and so is their bad effect on your mood!

But a small step of putting in the effort to choose the right travel shoes can go a long way. And the cherry on the cake, it is not even challenging anymore. Comfort shoes are in vogue in 2022, and plenty of comfortable designer shoes are available in the shops.

Apart from balancing comfort and style, a couple of other concerns we women have are how many shoes to pack and what to wear where.

Let’s learn all that in this blog and begin!

solchic globetrotter gray flats

Qualities Of The Best Travel Shoes For Women

#1: Comfort

Comfort ranks first among all factors that one should consider while choosing their ideal travel footwear. Say you are going to walk the cobbled streets of Paris or trek in the Grand Canyon. Comfort shoes are a must! A high heel would just not cut it.

Find shoes that fit your unique feet needs like a wide toe box, insoles, arch support, etc. You know the special needs of your feet. Ensure you fulfill them.

Another few tips are, break into your shoe before the trip. And test your shoes the way you use them on the trip- with insoles, without socks, etc.

#2: Function

Your shoes should be functional enough and compliment the use they will be put to.

Thus make a list of the places and activities you plan to undertake, and soon you will know the best shoes for traveling there.

For example, are you headed towards the tropical beaches of Hawaii, where you would need water-resistant and dirt-resistant shoes? Or are you going to Las Vegas? Or to the tundra region of Canada. The choice of shoes will vary dramatically in all these places.

And depending on the things, you plan to do here. You may need one to three pairs of shoes in your bag.

#3: Space

The space in your luggage will also define how many and how big shoes you can take with you on your journey.

The constraints are more significant if you are flying.

It is here that the size and the ‘squash ability’ of the shoe matter. Ballet flats are easy to stuff in an already full bag. At the same time, snow boots might have a harder time.

Depending on how much luggage you can carry, you can take one to three pairs. Two pairs, at max, if you are backpacking or traveling light, and at max three if you are traveling with appropriate luggage.

Here is a resource on how to pack shoes for a worry-free trip!

solchic jet black flats

#4: Budget

Budget is one of the essential factors on everybody’s list, and it is good to have a budget for your travel shoes.

We do not recommend allocating grocery budgets to shoe shopping but treating shoes as an investment. But whatever budget you have, try to balance comfort and quality with cost. Your sightseeing might not be the experience it could have been with good shoes.

You can check gently used shoes as well. And don’t forget to rummage through your existing arsenal of shoes!

#5: Durability

The next box to tick is the durability of the shoe. Look at the sewing, material, grip, flexibility of the soles, waterproofing features, etc.

Some shoe manufacturers also give off warranties and money-back guarantees. These warranties are usually a green signal; the more extended, the better.

Usually, the best quality shoes come at a price, and it is entirely OK to opt for inexpensive shoes, but do not compromise with quality while buying hiking shoes! That can backfire seriously bad.

However, SolChic women’s flat shoes are economical, almost half the price of other brands, and offer the best quality travel shoes. Please take a look at our Safari Tan and Cinnamon ballet flats.

solchic safari tan flats

#6: Versatility

Versatility is another essential aspect of travel shoe shopping. The best travel shoes must go with all your dresses and occasions.

For example, the identical shoe must go with the daytime summer dress and the dressier evening outfits. Also, won’t it be great if the same shoe could take you to the amusement park, city sightseeing, and even small nature walks?

Opting for neutral-colored shoes like Black, Tan, Grey, and Cinnamon is recommended; while we are discussing versatility, the shoe can also be used back home. At your business or professional places like Kitchens and Restaurants, etc., while shopping or walking the dog!

#7: Sustainability and Vegan

More and more people now want to know where, how, and with what their shoes were made. They are curious about how environmentally safe their shoes are. Thus arises the need for sustainable shoes.

Also, veganism is at an all-time high. Many brands are manufacturing only vegan shoes that do not use any animal products or by-products in the shoe. Also, note if you are looking for a 100% vegan shoe, check the sole and the glue because often they might look vegan but aren’t.

#8: Style

Yes, we have not forgotten style either. But we believe one needs to think about style once they have checked all the above boxes.

However, style is essential nonetheless as you need to feel confident in what you wear. But, remember to balance all the above factors to find the perfectly functional travel shoe.

And it might seem challenging to find a shoe with so many qualities. But no more. SolChic makes the prettiest vegan and sustainable shoes with all the above attributes. Check out our Pink Parisian ballet flats to believe!

solchic parisian pink flats

Why Pick SolChic For Your Travel Shoe Needs?

SolChic is an entirely vegan and sustainable shoe brand. We manufacture women’s flat shoes like ballerina, mules, and sandals from vegan products like waste recycled water bottles and other materials.

Why SolChic?

  • Comfortable memory foam insoles
  • Lightweight
  • Water-Resistant
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Traction from rubber sole
  • Breathable
  • Dirt Resistant
  • Durable
  • Stylish

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Shoes 100% Vegan?

No. Only some shoes are 100% vegan. SolChics are 100% vegan shoes.

What Is The Material Used In Vegan Shoes?

Mostly vegan shoes are made of rPET fabric.

How Many Shoes Should I Pack?

As few as possible, take two pairs when backpacking and a maximum of three pairs when traveling at full capacity.

Is Memory Foam Insole Important In Travel Shoes?

It is an absolute necessity to mitigate the discomfort flat shoes can pose.

What Colour And Style of Shoes Should I Prefer?

Pick neutral colors and styles that are casual-formal.

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