6 Reason To Wear Vegan Work Shoes To Your Job

Vegan work shoes

Vegan work shoes have been receiving well-deserved hype for long enough now. Going by the numbers, the vegan footwear market will be valued at USD 42.18 billion in 2022. And it will reach a whopping USD 76.30 billion by 2030.

More and more ladies are now sporting them in their offices and other professional spaces. Wearing one of these beauties is recognized as a responsible and noble gesture. And also, they can match or exceed expectations in every aspect compared to leather shoes.

Vegan leather shoes are here to stay. And there are many reasons one might want to make them their go-to work shoes.

Yes, one of them is they are good for the planet. But the story of vegan leather shoes goes deeper. Let’s explore what the hype is about when we talk about vegan work shoes?

women vegan shoes

6 Reasons To Opt For Vegan Work Shoes

#1: They Are Kinder To The World

The livestock industry uses extensive energy, land, and water resources. Converting a hide into usable leather involves much more devastation than that pretty shoe might make you wonder.

This process includes high methane emissions, vast amounts of harmful chemicals released into water bodies, and the apparent unspeakable cruelty to animals.

It makes us think, all that for a shoe?

On the other hand, vegan shoes do not do any cruelty to animals or the environment. They give the impression of genuine leather without any of the above damages.

But how?

Vegan footwear is usually made of materials like recycled polyester, cork, plant-based leather, and other raw materials that do not have animal origins. Nor do they use any products obtained or tested on animals.

This means fewer CO2 emissions, no chemicals entering water reservoirs, less waste, and no cruelty to animals.

#2: Stay Safe On All Floor Types 

Our typical day involves running around on slippery surfaces. Whether we are nurses attending patients on slippery hospital floors or corporate women running around in tiled offices, enough traction is an essential feature of any suitable shoe.

Most vegan shoes have a tapered outsole usually made of organically sourced rubber. Rubber is an entirely vegan and sustainable material that provides enough traction. Thus, it makes for an excellent outsole.

#3: Stay Comfortable However Busy Your Shift Is

Comfort is the next most important wrung in the chain.

We work in the restaurant as waitresses, kitchen chefs, teachers, business women, travelers, and whatnot. Most of us have busy, demanding schedules at work. We work tirelessly throughout the day only to return to work with aching sore feet.

But no more. Comfort fashion has carved its niche and settled for good.

And veganism and comfort combine well to make an exotic work shoe combination.

Being made of recycled PET, these comfortable vegan shoes are incredibly lightweight, and owing to the onset of comfort fashion; many vegan designer flats are available in the market.

Moreover, rPET is exceptionally breathable, making it a super shoe for summers!

And last but not least, SolChic shoes are not only very trendy vegan shoes for women but also very comfortable as they sport the comfy memory foam insole. The memory foam insole takes the shape of your unique foot arch and provides the necessary support and cushioning.

Have a look at the super comfy SolChic black shoes for women.

comfortable vegan shoes

#4: Looks As Good As Leather

You need to look your best at work. And vegan shoes help you achieve that.

Vegan leather footwear looks as professional as genuine leather. Instead, it has the upper hand because it can maintain its splendor with far less maintenance. They don’t warp or lose their shine due to weather.

They are water-resistant and dirt-resistant.

Thus be it rains or the beautiful beach, wipe them off with a cloth to get that brand new shine back!

#5: Keep Your Fashion On Point

And that’s precisely why, in 2018, searches for vegan shoes and clothes showed an increment of 200%. And thanks to the mutual relationship of demand and supply, recent years saw the emergence of a whole new market catering to veganism and sustainability.

There is no shortage of vegan designer shoes in the market. And SolChic too tries to provide you with the most trendy, comfortable everyday work shoes.

Sol shoes are designed to look good in both casual and professional settings. Has an evening get-together planned after work? Change your skirt with the trousers and Sol shoes will help you look as chic at the party as at your office.

Our pretty Seaside Blue and Safari Tan ballerinas are perfect casual-professional shoes!

vegan designer shoes

#6: Doesn’t Hurt Your Pocket As The Real Thing Does

Leather shoes, however durable, cost significantly.

Whereas sustainable and vegan work shoes cost significantly less than leather shoes.

In a nutshell…

Vegan women’s shoes are more comfortable, breathable, lightweight, weatherproof, low maintenance, and now more affordable too!

Vegan footwear is equally safe as work shoes and pretty fashionable as well.

What else could you ask for?

Why Choose SolChic For Your Vegan Work Shoe Needs?

SolChic is an entirely sustainable and vegan women’s footwear brand. Ours is a thoughtful range of women’s comfort shoes.

Sol shoes provide the best of everything you could want from an ideal shoe without hurting your pocket. Our shoes come at half the price of the popular competitors while promising optimum quality.

Don’t trust us. Check our range of comfort shoes in our online shop. We offer a range of ballet flats, sandals, and mules. We also provide vegan handbags.

Parting words: Do you share a similar passion for the environment? Become a part of the movement by joining us as a reseller. We are also open for wholesale orders. Check out our Raffia Black Prepack A, Custom Pack (Size 6-10), Dropshipping (Size 6-10)!

Till then!!

Walk With Style!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are Vegan Shoes?

Any shoe that does not use animal-sourced materials is vegan.

What Are Sustainable Shoes?

Sustainable shoes are those that do not harm the environment. They are recycled or upcycled from existing materials.

Which Are The Most Popular Vegan And Sustainable Shoe Materials?

Recycled water bottles and other materials like cork, old tires, etc., are the most popular sustainable and vegan shoe materials.

Are Sol Shoes Vegan And Sustainable?

Yes, indeed. Every Product made in SolChic is vegan and sustainable.

What Are Sol Shoes Made Of?

Our shoes are made of recycled plastic bottles, rubber, and other similar materials.

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